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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mwancer1:
question for the boot fitting experts.

i have skied on raichle boots for about 12 years. last years i bought a pair of salomn x-wave 9.0; i realize they are a med -full boot, but at the time they felt great; comfortable, stiff, nice forward cant

after skiing on them for 2 weeks they really loosened up.

should i bother spending more $$ on footbeds and a custom fitting or should i try and sell them and buy a pair of boots that are less full?


Sounds like they were too big to start. Raichle Flexons are still available and are now under the parent name of Kneissel. Stick with them !!!
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lostboy and gmolfoot,

thanks for the replies.

to answer your question lostboy, shops in nyc did not have raichles and i wanted to get boots prior to season starting.

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What to do with your boots or should you buy replacement boots, that is the question.

Suggestion: Find a really good boot fitter, and let that person be your guide in what decison is the best decision for your skiing. Custom made footbeds is always a good idea.

Also, your boot fit problem solution may be solved by buying a new inner boot such as Zip Fit, or if your shell can take the smaller version of the present inner boot, that could also work.

At best these are ideas and speculations, so you do really need a good boot fitter you can trust to help you out.
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