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Ski Clearance

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Anyone know of any online stores clearing out lasts year inventory? I suppose it's kind of late for it but thought I would ask. Also, are there any swaps/sales in the slc area anytime soon?

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Not an online store, but a local ski shop in Washington State. They have some leftovers from the main downtown Seatle store as well as thier own stock, so give then a call to see if they might have something you want.

Pro Ski Service
Ask for Jim or Scott

(425) 888 6397

Good hunting.
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Try http://www.kitsapsports.com/

You might have to email them with your wishes and then they will respond if they have and how much they want.
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Take a look at WWW.EBAY.COM. Probably this site have a best deals out here. I figured you can find deals at 50-70% better then any pro-shop.
Good luck!
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