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Upgrades from Pow Tales

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Hi All,

We have made quite a few changes to the look, feel, and operation of Pow Tales in the last couple weeks. These changes include:

1.      Adding a Stainless Steel carabiner for Alpine skiers who aren’t worried about the extra weight. These carabiners will hold up to the toughest conditions and last for years, but they also add 1 ounce per boot to the Pow Tales system.

2.      We are still offering our original Aluminum carabiner for Alpine Touring skiers looking for the lightest weight, and cleanest ski retrieval system available for back and side country use.

3.      We added a Velcro Pull Tab to make it easier than ever to engage and disengage the bungee cord from the carabiner, and a small 1” square of Velcro that functions as a Pull Tab Retainer. This  Velcro Retainer installs behind your heel binding to attach the Pull Tab to the ski when your bungee cord is not in use with the Pow Tales system.

4.  And best of all, Pow Tales still ships for $24.95 to customers in the USA, and $24.95 plus $4.00 shipping per set to our International customers.

There are also 4 videos and many more pictures on our website detailing all aspects of Pow Tales installation and operation. Check them out before you take your next trip to the white room...


 You can have a look at http://powtales.com and thanks for taking a look.

Best Regards,


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Love your product! helped me locate my white Mr Pollard opus ski after a wipe in deep snow this year at Alta

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Thanks blackke17. Kudos are always appreciated. I've been working pretty hard to make Pow Tales even better than they were and it's good to get feedback. Even negative feedback cuz it tells me what I need to improve on, but it's much nicer to hear good stuff. Don't get me wrong. I hope you're winter is deep and white.


BTW I got some feedback from someone that my website wasn't mobile friendly, yet I can get there using my iPhone 6s. Is there something I don't know?

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