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Ski Adventure Road Trip - Four States in One Week

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Ski Adventure Road Trip - Four States in One Week

After staying close to home (Tahoe area) and using my Epic Pass on blackout days at Heavenly, Kirkwood, and Northstar I wanted to explore other areas and use my other passes. My original intention was to do a loop further north (Utah, Jackson Hole, Big Sky, Sun Valley.) However, when I saw an Arctic blast forecast, I changed directions to less frigid destinations.


Day One 1/1/17

Drive from Wellington, NV to Ogden, UT


Day Two 1/2/17

Resort - Snowbasin, UT

Pass used – Powder Alliance (Sierra at Tahoe)

I was given a photo pass (on a lanyard) that can be used 2 more days this season.

New snow reported – 8 inches

Favorite run(s) du jour –

Wildflower Start

The Walrus

Honorable mention(s) –

The bathrooms in the John Paul Lodge


My friend Dave skiing Snowbasin:



Day Three 1/3/17

Resorts – Solitude and Brighton, UT

Pass used – Max Pass

I needed to get individual day tickets at each resort. (I planned to ski Solbright, but the run was closed and I drove from Solitude to Brighton.)

New snow reported – 14 to 38 inches

Favorite run(s) du jour –

Buckeye Junior right after the rope drop for Honeycomb Canyon (untracked chest-deep turns.)

Queen Bess Glade

Scree Slope

Honorable mention(s) –

Endless Winter for little powder stashes later in the day.

Drive from Brighton, UT to Grand Junction, CO



Day Four 1/4/17

Resort – Snowmass, CO

Pass used – Mountain Collective (Aspen/Snowmass already sent my pass in the mail.)

New snow reported – 5 inches

Favorite run(s) du jour –

Gowdy’s to untracked powder stashes. (2x)

Honorable mention(s) -

Snowmass is still my all-time favorite resort.

Drive to Delta, CO


This describes how I feel when I'm at Snowmass

Looking back up at Gowdy's, the notch chute next to the cliffs

After skiing Gowdy's, I was happy to find this untracked leftover powder stash.



Day Five 1/5/17

Resort – Telluride, CO

Pass used – Mountain Collective (Telluride already sent my pass in the mail.)

New snow reported – 2-4 inches

Favorite run(s) du jour –

Dynamo to Buzz’s Glade

Honorable mention(s) –

Captain Jack’s Glade

Chair 9 was on a mechanical hold, Chair 15 never opened. Chair 14 opened later in the day. Most hikes were also closed. I did see a lot of amazing potential here though.

Drive to Flagstaff, AZ


I thought that I had Captain Jack's glade all to myself until I was joined by Rocky the vertical running squirrel.



Day Six 1/6/17

Resort – Arizona Snowball, AZ

Pass used – Powder Alliance (Sierra at Tahoe)

I needed to ski from the Agassiz Lodge to the Hart Prairie Lodge to get my day ticket.

New snow reported – 10 inches (Wind and changing temperatures made this much more variable.)

Favorite run(s) du jour –

Lower Ridge to Prospect to Agassiz

Honorable mention(s) –

The Glades and traversing as high as I could below the upper bowl (The hike was closed. I did see a lot of amazing potential up there.)

I was given the following advice on skiing Arizona “powder” – “Be careful that you don’t let it cut you.”

Drive to Las Vegas


Looking up...

Looking down...

Looking out and back...



Day Seven 1/7/17

Resort – Lee Canyon, NV

Pass used – Max Pass

I was able to go directly to the lift using my Max Pass. They also gave me a lanyard to hold my pass. Having the Max Pass qualified me for free parking (This saved me $5)

New snow reported – 1 inch (However, due to an inversion it was raining all day.)

Favorite run(s) du jour –

Slot Alley to Kings to Queens

Honorable mention(s) –

When conditions allow, the sidecountry is spectacular. (I was able to do this a few years back when it was called Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort.)

Drive back home to Wellington, NV


A parting shot looking back up toward Mt. Charleston


Ski adventure mission accomplished.

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Nice trip report, thanks.


I'd need a vacation from my vacation afterwards.

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Nice TR, Stev.  I'm snagging part of your trip later this month, Aspen Highlands/Snowmass/Telluride courtesy of the MCP.  Sucks that T-Ride's Gold Hill and Revelation Bowl lifts were unavailable.  I've only skied there once, and those are the primo lifts as I recall.

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^^ Thanks and thanks.

Enjoy Highland Bowl, The Cirque, and Revelation Bowl. You should have better coverage.

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Nice Trip Report, got enough upvotes that you've also been awarded an Epic Trip Reporter Badge. 

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Great roadtrip adventure!  Nice pictures and report.  Did you record total mileage/trip cost (not counting passes?)  Always looking at pass exchange days to figure out trips like that. If one is willing to drive and not stay at expensive lodging, once you get the pass out of the way, these can be done pretty reasonably (vs. not buying a pass and staying slopeside for 4-5 days). 


Having lots of experience with AZ Snowbowl, that hike is lots of fun when it's open.


We did a similar trip last Feb taking off just 4 days of work (President's Week) as we had to move a car to a new state for an upcoming move anyway:


1. Drive Santa Fe to Salt Lake City (travel only day) (Saturday)

     (Didn't stop at any resorts on the way that we'd already skied, such as Wolf Creek, Telluride, Purgatory, Silverton which could

           all be options).

2. Powder Mountain (NM PowerPass) (Sunday)

3. SnowBird / Alta (Mountain Collective) (Monday - holiday)

4. Park City / Canyons which are now technically now connected and called Park City (Mountain Collective) Drive to Reno (Tuesday)

5. Day off storm headed in/resorts essentially closed (Wednesday)

6. Northstar (Epic Pass) (Thursday)

7. Heavenly (Epic Pass) (Friday)

8. Kirkwood (Epic Pass) (Saturday) https://youtu.be/VE1daL-eXBI 

     I'm getting too lazy to document things with any photos/video generally, so that's all I've got on the trip.

9. Dropped off car and flew back to NM (Sunday)


Our 11 y/o son was only "sick" for 4 days with the holiday, and somehow managed to have fresh powder and/or blue bird with fresh the whole trip (coincidentally as we didn't look at any weather predictions before we left).   Canyons was the only new mt for myself, but these were all new for my son. Passes go up typically after age 12 so the value starts going down for those traveling with kids.

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Thanks. My total mileage was just under 2400. I was able to stay with friends in Utah, Colorado and Las Vegas, so I only needed a motel for two of the nights during the week. My gas and lodging costs came in under $400 for the week.

I'm also impressed with your road trip. It is great to have fresh snow everywhere you go.

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