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Sidecountry - Short tour set up

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Hi All,


I've been trying to build up a little short tour / side country set-up. After collecting and assessing my gear I'm not quite sure how I want put it together. Hoping to collect some thoughts from the crew here.


Here's what I have available for this project...


2014 Gotoma's with Marker Baron EFP 194 cm


2013 Salomon Rocker 2's with Marker Griffon schizo 192 cm

2013 Rossi Super 7 188 cm

Fritschi Freeride Pro bindings


I skied the Goats for a day, like them but think I'd be happier with a bit more forward mount. So, maybe a remount is required?


Been skiing the Rocker 2's for a few years, like them but I was surprised by the actual weight. They feel lighter than they are to me. Griffons are fixed so I'd need to swap to the Freeride's or Barons?


Never skied the Super 7's, I picked them up for dirt cheap just to get more practice at substantial base repair and try them out.


Initially I thought that I'd put Griffons on the Super 7's, Fritschi's on the Rockers and maybe just sell the Gotama / Baron set-up. Mentally I keep circling back to Gotama / Fritschi set-up. Not sure why?


I realize that none of the options great for true b/c but right now myself and my family are just kicking around trying the B/C thing out.  If it works out I'll likely change up as required next year but setting 4 people up for B/C - AV gear and training has killed the budget this year :).


I'm 6'2', 205lbs, advanced skier. B/C will be mostly east side of the rockies but willing to travel!



Thanks, Roco

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Where do you plan on touring?

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Reality is mostly on the east side of the Rockies. Banff area but I do get into the Purcells a bit too.
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The Super 7 is a very heavy ski.  I have a pair of the 193's from the same year.  I love them for downhill in deep snow, but I put them on a pack and booted up with them a few times and they're outrageously heavy.  


You're a little taller and heavier than me, but I just wouldn't use that for a touring/skinning ski.  


I think your Gotama/Fritschi idea is the best option.

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Thanks for the input. I've actually sold the gotama / baron set up. So I ended putting the free rides on the super 7. Certainly not light weight but the according to the info I found, lighter than the rockers? Plus, I only had to remount one setup.
Just noticed the supers have WRT. weight reducing technology. That made me laugh. Can't imagine how heavy they would be with out that....whatever it might be.
It's working for now. The purposes is just to get us out there for a couple 1/2 - 3/4 day trips.
I'll likely keep my eyes open for a lighter ski and shift the free rides over, as I do like that binding.
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