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Jerry or Genius?

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Found myself this afternoon behind a car with a hitch-mount bike rack loaded with three or four pair of skis.  We passed each other a couple of times, so I got a pretty good look--the skis were attached with just the bike frame straps.  I didn't linger behind the car any longer than necessary. 


What's the verdict on this set-up, on a scale from MacGuyver to Homer Simpson?




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I say if they don't come off, good idea.  I've thought about using my bike rack many times but my skis are too long and would stick out.  I also don't like the idea of having them exposed for long trips.  

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I rate that set up Texan with a hoody levels of gaperness unless it's a sophisticated attempt to "lose" skis the owner no longer wants to justify new purchases.

Personally would get paranoid as all hell with my skis hanging out there.
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Might be fine in states that don't salt their roads. Otherwise . . .

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The photo does not show how well the skis are attached by the straps, nor if the straps risk being cut by the ski edges.  I would not want my skis exposed, but I could certainly feel comfortable with them in a ski bag and tied onto a bike rack.  BTW, I trust my knots more than I trust some strap buckles/attachments mechanisms.

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Played tag with a jeep that had a similar setup, coming down the NY Thruway .  Thought it was a pretty good idea- bikes often cost a lot more than skis, and if they are secure enough on a bike carrier... I prefer a dedicated roof box, but this was a decent solution.

My only concern is if the skis are longer than the car is wide- now you have the sideswipe-my-mirror-situation. 

Echo the road salt/debris concern too- more so than when exposed on a roof rack.

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They seemed pretty solidly attached though the rack was swaying a bit, but I think that's normal. 

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Funny story..years ago a guy was driving from Toronto to Chicago in his Porsche 911.  He was a CFO at a health campus down there..commuted weekly or something.  Anyway, he had a BIC rack (remember those??) which were great for skis..but terrible for bikes.  I tried to convince him to pony up and get a proper rack, Thule or something, but he said it was too expensive.  I told him I'm not putting his bikes on his car and don't recommend he use it.  Fair enough he he goes..comes back a couple of weeks later looking for 2 new bikes.  :rotflmao:  He also had to pay for damage to 3 other vehicles that hit his bikes on the interstate.  Penny wise, pound foolish.  Not saying that would have happened with this setup..but it's a cautionary tale!

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I'm gonna say bad idea. The bike rack just isn't designed to hold a ski, it's designed to hold the tubular frame of a bike, and bear the weight of the bike in a certain way. My sister has a Thule ski rack that attaches to her Thule hitch mount bike rack, but it's designed for the purpose (below).


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I'd say he's a total genius!


LOL, I don't think I'll be doing that again.

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I like it. Needs more security moving forward, but it has potential. Baracrafter built cross mounted trunk racks for a very long time. States started outlawing them because the skis often stuck out wider than the vehicle, in the days of the 210. With today's shorter skis why not? My Thule bolts onto the cross members of the roof rack. How about one that would bolt onto the upper frame holders on the back?


Maybe it is time to re-engineer the wheel.

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I think carrying your skis on a bike rack is a great idea, if you want salt and sand in the bindings and all over the skis. Come to think of it, you could save the cost of a base grind by carrying them that way. Around here they use sand, not salt. Looking at what my lift gate looks like after driving in the snow I can't comprehend putting skis back there. Probably not the best place for an expensive bike for that matter. If the bike is light enough to put on a roof rack that's where it should go. 

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Looks great.   I quick wrap of shrink wrap will protect your skis if you're um, concerned about salt.

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