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comments on gear setup

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finally pulled the plug and now own everything did i make all the right decisions



basically expert skier out east

getting to being really good out west


nrg 3 y pro boots

nordica enforcer 93

rossignol 140k binding


did i mess up or was this a solid call from people i asked around to.

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You'll know once you try them. We can't tell the fit of the boots. They could be too big, destroying everything. The Enforcer is a good ski, slightly wide for the East, but not ridiculous. To me, bindings is bindings. Except for the Griffons. Which I hate. Which these aren't.

Except for the boots, you should take the time to love everything else. If the boots are too big, they won't shrink later. Make sure you didn't go for the "comfortable-in-the-store" fit. You need the "OMG-are-you-kidding-me" fit.
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the boots probably only need one more work around. I got in one day with them at hunter and got what wrong with them then fixed.Define destroying everything. thats not what i want to hear.


also isn't the enforcer 93 the best east coast ski. thats confusing to here.

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If your boots are too big, not snug enough, you will be unable to tell the skis what to do efficiently. More than likely you'll end up the the back seat, wearing yourself out and unable to control the skis except for large movements. Plus you'll be tightening them and getting foot pain and cold feet. It doesn't matter how good your skis and bindings are if the FIT of the boot isn't right. That's what I mean by destroying everything.

There is no "best ski". We could write pages about what we think the best skis are and pretty soon it would be a thousand posts. You buy what you think you need, then you learn to use it.
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So they should be fine. After hunter I got them fixed after one of better places in NJ. The boots.
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You'll know in 10-20 days.
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Heinos cycles in nj
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It was the boots. Ruined every day besides my last day. Got new ones from surefoot. I'll let you know which.
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Why did you have to get new boots?

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Whoever said destroying everything. Thank you ski barn. For ruining my ski trip besides the last day.
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Nobody here is a mind reader, but if you want to have a cryptic conversation with yourself, just let us know and we'll ignore you.

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Bahaha. Went to Surefoot every day of the trip. Day 1 footbedding day 2 fixing the bedding day 3 new linings then gave up and got new boots they recommended. I'll let you know what type soon
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Lange xt 100s
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I told him if his boots were too big it'll destroy everything.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

I told him if his boots were too big it'll destroy everything.

You nailed it.

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Interesting thread.  

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You went to Heino's?  Greg's the best bootfitter on the East Coast.  Get fit from him, don't go Surefoot.   He wont oversell you on boots.   It's transformative.

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Originally Posted by LiquidFeet View Post

Interesting thread.  

Not exactly what I would call it.

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