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Skiboards / Snowblades -Talk About Shorties

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I've been using a pair of Solomon Buzzbombs for the last two years and I can't believe how much fun they are. This particular model allows real tight turns and it's like being on skates on the mountain.

I'm looking to get something new this year but the number of brands out there has exploded. I see Head is making a pair that comes with releasable bindings but the specs seem very different from the Buzzbombs. I like to ski the very edges of the trails making powder type turns. I know it sounds strange but when you get these things working right they give a lot of that "powder feel". Don't get me wrong NOTHING IS BETTER THEN POWDER. I take these puppies out when it hasn't snowed for a few days. But that flowing from turn to turn feeling can be acheived on snowblades when you're carving little S's on that nice soft stuff that gets kicked onto the sides of the trails. They are perfect for skiing small mountains in the East as you have to make a lot of turns so it takes time to get down.

What I was wondering is has anyone out there got a favorite brand they would recommend and are there any that can be used in powder or softer snow?
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I have a pair of the Salomon 99.9, the first year it was out. I got them just to play around on, but are pretty fun. The added length seems to give them extra stability over other models. I have skied several pairs of line ski boards and noticed that they were not as smooth or as stable as mine are. The lines are better suited for doing tricks iin the park, as they land much better than the narrower waisted salomons. I decided on the salomons as they were a nice compromise between the line mike nick pro, and the salomon buzz 90. If you really want ski boards go with the 99.9, but if i were you i would look into a short caver, such as the atomic freezone loop, or other such twip tip models, that are 140cm and less... More versatility in my opinion, but i have never been a huge fan of ski boards for serious skiing. they are just a thing to play, as you would agree im sure.
Later, have fun shopping (a few cheap pairs on ebay brand new)
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canon m7,s or h-series skiboards are the way to go.the m7,s are 99cm long and are sweet in all conditions except deep powder and ice,and are super stable at speed.
the h-series are 90cm long and are a little better at short turns(really short).
both have wood cores and sintered bases.they positively smoke the salomons hands down.
i just took the misses salomon buzz,s down to the skiswap because she has not and doesnt want to ever use them again.i picked her up a pair of h-series, a season and a half ago and the salomons have been in the closet ever since.
i use both the h and the m7,s with a prefrence towards the m7,s.its a lot of fun to see the reactions of people after you just blew down a mild black diamond in 3 or 4 turns or less(yep they're that stable and you can go scary fast)
you can find canon skiboards from 2 seasons ago on ebay,those were manufactured in china and had inconsistant quality(good luck k2).the 2002 models are made in austria and are sweet,the updated binding is reallt nice too.
check em out at www.canonskiboard.com,or feel free to email w/any questions
i use the skiboards on less than great snowdays,and when im up w/the misses,or just for a change of pace.

the wait is getting shorter
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IF I were to skiboard, I would try Line's models, they look aight as far as skiboards are concerned, but then again you'll never see me on skiboards...
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I would agree that Line makes excellent skiboards. They call themselves a twin tip ski company today, but they have their origins in skiboards.

I have 90cm Groove skiboards which I use occasionally for fun on local hills. They are very wide (137-105-137) and can get hung up in heavy snow (they are more suitable for landing jumps - which I don't do).

Going from skiboards to my 152 cm shorties or my regular 184cm skis can be an eye opener. : Nothing gives you better "snow sensitivity" than switching equipment like that.

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