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Ski Lenght and model

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I'm 6 ft, 195 lbs and a level 8 skier. I've skied since I was about 15. However, I dove back into the sport the last four years.

Despite numerous posts, I'm still caught between the Axis X, Bandit X and Vertigo Motion. I'm also struggling with what length of ski to buy 181, 184 or 188.

I ski about 80% blue and black groomed runs with the balance in the powder, moguls and bowls.

Does anyone have an opinion regarding model and length.

Thanks for the help.

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Many, including myself believe that if there is a reasonable opportunity to demo before you buy, this is the best way to help you make a decision.

However, as to length, a 181 should be sufficient since you do so much skiing on the groomed.In fact you might even want to consider going down to a 175. If flotation for powder and spring conmditions are of concern, then a 185, but also think about a ski with a waist width of at least 72mm.

So what that means instead of a Bandit X at 181 cm. think about a Bandit XX at about 185 cm.Though the waist widths of a Bandit X and XX are very close.

I can only tell you second hand about the Bandit X and XX. My 18 year old son [ 220 lbs, 6'5" tall, expert skier,] and I were at Snowbird mid April last spring. The Bandit X wasn't enough ski, but the XX,about 190 cm. he found to be a great ski. We skied groomed, Powder, Crud, Gunk, and other spring type snow. He mostly skied ungroomed areas, and found the ski to be more than adequate, and on the groomed it performed well.

I hope the above helps.
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PCF, sounds like we are similar....
I am 6'1" and 190 lbs... and ski mostly blues and blacks, but like to be challenged in the back bowls.
Just got the Volkl Vertigo G3's in a 184.
I was skiing on Volkl Carver Plus at 187 for the past 6 years. I have gone down to 177's in Demos last year and just felt way too slow... At 200+ lbs with boots and ski clothes, the 184's are perfect for me....I am amazed at the ease of speed and control with these.
At your weight I think 177's are too small, but you'll have a ball with any of the others.
On straight ski's, we'd be on 195's to 205's, and with any of the ski's you mentioned, 10-25 cm's less is the rule i've heard.
I don't think you can go wrong with anything you picked. If you go to a ski store, they'll say as an intermediate, put the ski at eye to nose length, which would be 175-180, but for a better skier, go a little higher. with our weight, i suggest in low 180's.
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I ski a 184 Vertigo Motion and I'm 200 lbs and 6'2". Works great, in all conditions and terrain. Holds an edge great, even in real icy conditions.
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rroggydog, thanks for the feedback. I pulled the trigger on a pair of 184, Bandit X's with Marker 1200 Piston binding, this evening. I leave for Lake Tahoe in a few weeks and plan to post my impressions.

Thanks again for your insight.

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