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Please help pick ski

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Bio: 225lb 5'-11" ski all mountain, day & night. Ski piste and groomed during day and fast bomber runs at night. Like to go fast but like to play too.

Here are my choices of ski.

K2 Mod x pro- demoed-

Salomon X-scream- demoed

Volkl Vertigo G31-demoed

Dynastar 4x4 Powertrac- not demoed but might work for me.

I can never make up my mind. Please help, and pick one for me. And tell me why. Thanks

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If you want some ski that is fun, but also does well at speed and hardpack, there's no questions asked for me to go with the G31. The thing is tho, the G3 for this season is the replacement for the G31 and isn't as good as the G31. A bit softer, and I think the sidecut is different too

If you can find a pair of G31's at a shop, definitely get them. They're last season stock so they should be ALOT cheaper than the G3.

The K2ModX Pro you can still get this season...it's sold as the K2 Axis X Pro. 99% identical the the ModX, but doesn't have the piezo dampening. Good ski, but imho, the G31 is still much better than the ModX.

I don't know what conditions you've skied the skis in, but G31 will do well on almost anything, even hardpack. It's stiff so you're gonna have to work the ski alot to turn at slower speeds. The faster it goes, the better it'll respond.

ModX Pro is almost as good as the G31, but seems to be a bit more chattery on the hardpack than the G31.

X-Scream (series? 9?) If it's the series, it's a good ski that hasn't changed for the last few yrs that much...different prolink, but other than that, unchanged pretty much. Prolink system works very well on hardpack...and i'd put it up there with the ModX Pro. The thing is, though, i've seen about 8 pairs of Xscream series with a fractured core this past season...maybe it's just because they've sold more x-screams than mod x's or G31? iono...

Haven't tried the powertrac....

So if you liked the G31 and can find them...they're the best bang for the buck right now...if you can only find the G3...i dunno...try demoing it first and see how you like it. Also, which ski did you prefer out of the 3 demoed?

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Come on guys! Do ya really think there is much difference between a Axis X Pro, a G3, an X Scream Series, a Bandit X, and say a Beta Ride 11.20? I have skied all these skis, and lets face it they are all trying to do the same thing, and all do it very well. They all have just about the same dimensions, and they are all marketed at the same skiers. Ski companies know there is magic in the 107-70-97 shape. They know how what combination of performance and forgiveness most good skiers like. And they make great skis. All of these skis could be any advanced skiers best friend. Are they exactly the same? No. They all will have a different "feel". So what? I have skied the X Scream about three times, and I have never thought it was that great. I did not like it's "feel". but, if I had a pair, and skied on them for a week, I know I would get used to it's feel, and love it. Some skis might take a while, but they grow on you, or more accurately, you get them dialed. Debating between skis that are so similar is pointless. If anything you are debating personal preference, brand preference, and tune quality. Heck, I could probably even grow to love a Volant. How would I pick between these skis? Price, graphics, brand image, whatever, but I think the performance debate is lame. I know everybody loves to talk about the skis they have, myself included, but let's get real. Buy the ski you get a good deal on, in a resonable length, and you should be good.

Should I even mention how the demo binding might make your new skis feel different than the pair you demo'ed? Probably not a great idea. Or how some shops have a "shop tune" they use regardless of the manufacturer's tuning specs? Ugly.

Oh yeah - the K2 rules!

Yeah, working at a shop is great sometimes or more accurately, part time is great.
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I'll have to agree with spinheli, with the exception of the Bandit X. I don't think the X is in this class, maybe the XX.

Laxman, any one of your choices will kick a$$. Consider the Atomic 10.20 or 11.20 too.

All of the skis you mentioned are considered "damp". I'm not sure of the K2, I haven't skied that model. Atomic's on the other hand are not damp. Very high strung and lively, they have a different feel. It's all personal preference.
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2002 Stockli Stormrider in 184. GS sidecut with midfat girth. Vertical sidewalls, sandwich construction. Supple, but no speed limit, and no twist. This is a real ski, not a toy. Truly all-mountain.

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Arby - They new Bandit X is 107-70-97 with metal. The new XX is still 74 underfoot, but has more shape, and is a true twin tip. Both welcome changes.
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192 Powertracks leave trenches on the groomed ,laugh at the crud and float sweet up to 12 to 16 inches of pow.I have never been a Dynastar fan till i scored these last year,now ive added the Bigs to my arsenal.By the way the things are almost bullet proof.
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Thanks everyone. I've been eyeing the G31 at a shop by me. I can get a demoed pair for 300. I've always felt that the Mod and the X-scream series always left me with the thought that they are lacking something. Hopefully the G31 will fill every hope and desire. Thanks
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Laxman since you demoed most of what you mite want it should be your decision. There all good ski's, you must have liked one better than most of the others and if they all seemed good to you get the one you can get for the least amount of money. Or even by which ski looks better if they all seem the same to "you". Also consider the bindings you mite like best. If you like Salomon bindings get a Salomon ski if you like Marker bindings get the Volkl ski or LOOK bindings get the Dynastar ski. This is of course if the ski's all seemed the same to you. Since you didnt say you liked one ski more than the other and you did ski allmost all what you mentioned i would get the least expensive but iam cheap.

My choice would be the K2 Mod ski. Second choice the Atomic 10.20 beta ride last years model(havent skied the new ones yet)
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If you can find last years G31, BUY IT. That ski kicks some ass for what you will use it for. Also check out the Dynastar powertrac, very similar feel, rips on hard snow, and goes almost anywhere.
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I am the same height and weigh 195 and demoed all of the skis your looking at multiple times. I eventually bought the PowerTrac and I am so glad I did. The Dynastar was stiffest of all and handles my weight and the speeds I ski at better than the others. Also, the edgehold seems to be much better (maybe because of the sidewalls?) and it carves incredibly well (see charger's response). However, I will warn you it is the least forgiving of all of the skis below:

K2 -- didn't seem near as stable as any of the others

Volkl -- Okay ski, tips seem light and it doesn't seem to carve as well as the Salomon and Dynastar

Salomon -- Great powder ski and stable, don't believe all the stories about how stiff they are claimed to be

If your an intermediate, I'd go with the Salomon, its very forgiving. If your advanced to expert go with the PowerTrac.
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hey str8line. whered you get the idea for your name? :
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My quiver of midfats holds both the G-31 and K2MXP, both 188s. I'm 190 / 5'10" and level 9, ex MSU gate basher / propatrol. I put in 50-60 days a year. I'm on my 2nd per of MXP's, many core shots as the PNW had a tough winter last. Anyway, can't go wrong with either ski. I prefer the MXP. Bought my 2nd pair still in wrapper this summer from a small shop for $400.00. This year's Axis Pro is same as last year's MXP w/o piezos. The new G-3 is a different ski than last year's G-31. Both are great everywhere on the mtn. Bust crud like no problem, great in pow and can lay down high speed arcs on the groomers like a ginsu. Both smooth flexing and torsionally stiff. Don't look at the standard Mod X tho - too soft. Ya gotta stay in the sweet spot on both these mid fats, get back and you're toast. Ya can't go wrong either way k2 mxp or Volkl G-31. I just prefer the K2s.

Snow level to 4000' in the great PNW!!!!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Isn't great how everyone has their own preference for skiis! That's why all these different ski manufacturers can exist and make money...there is no one ski that is perfect. You have to try them all and then just get a pair that works.

if you like all of those (and tried them), then go by looks, price and condition.

Me personally.. 3 years ago I got a pair of X-screams when they were the hot ticket. It radically changed the way I ski. They were my first shaped skiis. I've been skiing 25 years. I'm a certified instructor and I regularly ski expert off piste terrain in whistler and other places. They have NEVER failed me in these conditions.

The only complaint I have about X-Screams is that they are a tad too soft in my opinion. They chatter on hardpack more than any other skiis I've ever had. Also, they are a bit tough in moguls because you really have to transfer from edge to edge...and on any mid-fat..this is going to be a lot of work.. Also, the tails on the X-Screams are cut in such a way as to hold on to that edge for as long as possible until you physically roll your knees over to the new direction. I guess this was to compensate for the fact that they are so soft. Dunno. Anyway, they are difficult in tight bumps and they chatter on ice. And.. I wish they had something halfway between the 187 and the 195. The 187 was a little too short for me sometimes...and 195 was too long. But I weigh 190 pounds at 5'9".

In any case, that was 3 years ago. Last year I was eyeing the Mod-X but didn't get a chance to demo. I'm going to demo the new K2 this winter for sure. I heard they were alright in bumps, maybe a little better than X-Screams.

I recently picked up a set of X-Screams brand new for $300 (below cost I'm told). I may or may not mount bindings on them. If I try something newer and like it better I will sell the X-Screams. But if nothing strikes my fancy, I could EASILY ski on the X-Screams another 3 years without problem. They carve well if if the now will let you carve... they eat up crud like its nothing. You can make a lazy turn here and there and easily get away with it...and look good doing it...going fast. Some other skiis eat you alive if you slack off for even one turn.

Last year...the X-Scream scored highly on all the ski tests. This year it didn't even get ANY mention in the mens tests. In fact I was falsly under the impression that it was discontinued for a while until I saw it as still a favored ski amongst women testers. Its interesting that it has moved down. Either newer skiis are better or else people are bored with the way it feels or tired of seeing yellow skiis all over the place.

I have not tried the G31 either, and if I can find a pair...I will try them. As I said, I'm thinking about moving to the K2 or something else similar, but unless something really blows me away...the X-Screams have served me well and will keep on serving me well.
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And also...I don't care what anyone says.. The X-Scream is not only for lower level skiers. An expert can make an X-Scream rip quite well! The beauty of the X-Scream, though, is that you don't HAVE to be an expert to ride an X-Scream. That's how forgiving it is. I consider myself an expert skier on most days...and its plenty of ski for me...and forgiving to me when I want to be a bit lazy. No complaints here..
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Cut photos of the skis out of the magizines and mount them on a dartboard.Now put on a blindflod.Aim and shot The photo you hit is the ski for you [img]smile.gif[/img]

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