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Winter 2016-17 What are your Skiing Goals?  

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Simple question, what are your goals for this upcoming season?


For me I want to get out to Laurel Mountain when I'm in PA in February. (@Laurel Hill Crazie


Also hoping to successfully ski Mad River Glen this year (last time I took a trip up there I tried skiing through a terrible cold and gave up after I collapsed on easy terrain three times on the first run down and was in bed sick for a few days after that). 

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There are a bunch of us in the mid-Atlantic that want to ski a day or two at the reborn Laurel Mtn, PA in the weeks before the late February Gathering at Timberline, WV. Stay in touch when you know the dates you will be in PA in February and perhaps we can get a group of Laurel Hill Crazies together!


I have some nice local and distant ski plans in mind, but the biggie is attending the Gathering at Whistler-Blackcomb in early March.

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This season I want to be able to ski Saddledome at Sunshine Village, and hopefully will be able to hold my own on most of the terrain at Red Mountain.
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Keep from breaking any bones
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Demo as many skis as I can get my hands on.  Hopefully get to a few new mountains on the East Coast I haven't been to before (Blue's my home mtn, with longer trips being Killington).

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Get into AT skiing. Almost have all the gear, just need skins. Hopefully the winter in NH is good enough that I can count the number of AT ski days on more than one hand.

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No lofty goals here, I just want to:

1) conquer my fear for speed, less freak outs

2) master that parallel turn

3) surviving ski trips, one at a time

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1) Take a couple more lessons and get better

2) Attend the Gathering in Whistler

3) Attend the mid-Atlantic Gathering at Timberline

4) Ski in New England 2 or 3 times at new places (first one is planned for the 16th!)

5) Ski Laurel Mountain in PA

6) Get 20 days on snow (I had 17 and 13 the last 2 years)

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1. Railslide without wiping out (again).

2. Do a 360 off a jump without dying.

3. Ski in Utah

4. Ski in Canada

5. New boots


I'm pretty sure I can manage at least two out the above.

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I want to get back to where I was two years ago. Last year I missed a lot of days due to bad weather, personal and family complications, and an injury. I was probably worse at the end of the season than I was at the start. Shouldn't be hard to do better than that.

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Ski at least as many days as I am years old (I celebrated my 56th birthday in October.)

Ski every month (I am currently at 158 consecutive months.)

Ski at least one resort that I have not skied before.

Ski at least one new backcountry location and/or line that I have not skied before.

Ski outside of the United States.

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This year:


        I turn 60 years old.

        I have skied for 50 years.

        I am unemployed (some say retired)...


So I embark on the Oregon Ski Safari 


       Every Area      Every Lift    Every Run


That's right, I'm going to try to ski all 13 areas, all 66 lifts, and all 206 (or so) runs.


I'm already 10% there, and have skied 4 wonderful days so far.


Follow the progress here:  https://www.facebook.com/or.ski.safari.2017/


and here:  http://www.epicski.com/t/147950/the-2017-oregon-ski-safari-60-years-old-50-years-of-skiing-every-area-every-lift-every-run

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I'll be skiing my dream, an open Laurel Mountain. That's been my goal for about a decade. My next goal is to show it off to all my Epicski friends.

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My goal is simple: 


Don't get injured. With a toddler and a newborn at home, I can't afford to be laid up. 

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Ski Mt Bohemia, MI and get better at Mogul and tree skiing.   


Keep my son progressing in HS Slalom Racing

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Don't get hurt.


Enjoy myself.


Ski at least 25 days.

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  1. Make 3 trips out West;
  2. Ski a new area;
  3. Ski Blackcomb Glacier;
  4. Have enough money left over to purchase MCP for next season.
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Going for 50 days on my Alta/Bird pass - while keeping my job and wife!

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Not wrecking my new car on the roads.

Being ready to keep up with @Fuller and his wife when they get here. It'll be an incentive.
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Originally Posted by Laurel Hill Crazie View Post

I'll be skiing my dream, an open Laurel Mountain. That's been my goal for about a decade. My next goal is to show it off to all my Epicski friends.


I hope to be able to help you with that one. 

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Originally Posted by tylrwnzl View Post


I hope to be able to help you with that one. 


I hope we have good natural coverage for that visit. Lower Wildcat will no doubt be open so you can ski some steep but unlike Extrovert at Blue Knob, Wildcat will be groomed but if we get enough natural snow there are other fun places to find. I thought about trying to organize a more formal meet up for all interested as a lot of our Mid-A members have expressed interest. Unless there is good natural snow cover I don't think Laurel will offer enough for a 3 day gathering weekend. I will discuss the issue with the attendees at this year's Mid-A gathering at Timberline. At any rate, I look forward to hosting any EpicSkiers when they arrive. I hope to post an unofficial guide but there are big changes to the trails and I want to ski them first. Then there is also my bad habit, I'm a procrastinator and it has become worse since I retired, lol.

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My goal is to go skiing in France, Tignes this year. That would be amazing!

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We are gearing up for a European ski touring trip along the Italian, Austrian border.  This is the tour and the guiding company we are going with: http://ontopmountaineering.com/trips/ski/europe/ortler-ski-traverse/  Not going until April so this season's focus will be on doing as much hiking and skinning as we can get in.  


We are also heading out to Big Sky for a week and I am planning to hit Jackson Hole on a guys trip with some hardcore powder hounds I haven't skied with in years.


And, I am trip leader for my clubs weekend bus trip to Bolton Valley late Feb.  Also plan to make it up to Stowe for ski club days March 17 &18.


Gonna be a good winter! 

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Skiing in a different continent was on my list for this season, but it hasn't snowed in Hakuba yet. Running out of time here...

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As a Tahoe skier with a KW season pass again, my first goal is to get more days in than during the previous 4 drought years.  As a several decades old SF Bay Area weekend commuting skier, despite having a season pass during 2 of those years, my number of days have only been in single digits each winter as I won't bother unless conditions are worthwhile.  Thus far we have received significantly more storms that is a great sign but only time will tell.


Also as someone at official SS age, I am leaning towards retiring in about a month from several decades of hi tech work in Silicon Valley.  If so ought to have much opportunity for much skiing.  Thus my second goal is to ski enough that my skiing body moves into a powerful animal auto mode.  I've taken off from career whole winters before so know what that is about.


My third goal is to ski moguls further down lines, more relaxed, and in consistent form than even when I was younger that is amazing given my age.   Will see if that works out and if so may fly out to Colorado to visit Maryjane for Bumpalooza in March and see if I can run Railbender non-stop top to bottom in the fall line.

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1) Don't repeat the cracked tibula plateau from 2016.

2) At least three ski trips (two already scheduled)

3) Find a place to buy in SW Colorado.

4) See #1, with feeling this time.

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General goal: ski as many days as my bank account will allow


Personal goal: I'd like to improve my bump skiing, maybe take some more lessons. I can rip pretty good, but there's always room for improvement.

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Use as many days of the Mountain Collective as possible.


Right now I'm at WB, so I'm using BOTH my Epic Pass AND Mountain Collective (That'll be somethin o tell the grankids about.


Early Jan will be MC at Snowbird, and Epic and PMCR


Late Jan is MC at Aspen, nothing at steamboat, Epic and Keystone and Vail


Feb is MC at squaw, and Epic at Heavnyly


March is MC at JH, and some more at Snowbird and PMCR


April will be finishing up the MC and Epic days at WB.


For a bit over $1,000, I expect 40 days or so, so a pretty darn good deal.

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Find out what skiing in NM is like, including a Taos Ski Week.


See if my friend and her daughter can get good enough to ride up the summit lift at Massanutten with her son.  He's been skiing up there with me for a couple seasons already.  Videos of him on the bumps just can't quite capture the moment.

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Going for a big trip out west, bought the MC for myself and daughter and an Epic 7 day for me. Plan is to drive to Jackson Hole starting New years eve from Vt. Hope to get there by the 2nd, that might be pushing it. 4 days or so there then down to SLC , hit everything I can Alts/Bird, SB, Powder MT.,maybe1 day at Park city, would like to try Sundance. Daughter has to go back to school mid Jan, so then solo to Aspen, Vail, Breck and finishing off with Loveland. Head back home 1st-2nd week Feb. Hopefully in one piece. This trip is a reward for myself for putting up with a miserable last year in the east and for my daughter for working hard in college and coming back from bad injury from auto wreck.

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