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“Wardner Peak is an incredible jewel,” said Fortun, and he hinted that future development might be in that direction.


Prediction: Wardner gets a t-bar and some glading this summer?

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yeah, the new owner is the best thing that has happen to Silver in a while, I've already noticed small positive changes.   Now they need an aggressive dry grooming program this summer and maybe add another 1000'  to  the top of  Wardner ;)

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Hi Mike, nice to see you out on the slopes.  Monday Jeff and I had a great powder day and then it Rained - ugh.

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Today. Family day crowds are present. Groomer conditions even though we had a ton of snow last week, due to warming trend. Best soft snow is naturally on the back, but the front side groomers were fun after things softened. Some serious monkey heads on Ridge Run.

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Got behind.

Feb. 14th:

Feb. 17th:

Feb. 20th:

Feb. 21:

Feb. 23rd:

Feb. 24th:
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Skied Lookout on Thursday and Silver yesterday.  It's still winter in the mountains, good conditions at both places.

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Feb 26 was one for the record books at Whitefish. The Snotel at 4 PM today showed a 21 inch gain from 4 PM Saturday. The snow was blowing from the front to the back (Snotel is protected) and reports were coming in of waist and chest deep powder off piste. The groomers I was on ranged from the wind-blasted (but light and easy to ski) shin deep on the front to several inches ABOVE my knees ON THE GROOMED RUNS on the back. I measured the spot it was hitting on my legs when I got home and that was roughly 22-24 inches of the lightest silkiest powder I've even experienced. I've been in stuff over my knees before off piste, but never consistently across entire expanses of groomed runs.

Front side mid-afternoon, blowing across the main trails:

Back side, mid-morning on the groomed runs. This was knee and above knee deep its entire length, although you can't tell that from the picture.
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It kept snowing. However, I was distinctly lacking in energy today, and from 11:30 until 2:00 so was the mountain. Chairs 1, 6, 9, 4, were all closed due to a power failure, as was the kitchen at the base lodge. So, I knocked off early. Those lucky enough to be on the back got to continue skiing. Unfortunately, I had left the back to ski this:

Got to the bottom and that was pretty much it. Chair 2 was not a big enough attraction to keep me.
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And, it kept snowing. Whitefish now, as February comes to an end, has reached its normal seasonal total of 300 inches. Tree wells are getting serious off piste.

A couple from today.

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The last two weeks at Silver and Lookout have been really good, all the new snow!  Skied Lookout last Thursday after they were closed for two days, 19" of fresh.  This Thursday should also be great as they reported 12" of new overnight and there are still two more nights before they reopen and the forecast says more snow.  See you there, tomorrow I'm headed to Silver.

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I wish we had nice branchless trees like that.

@Fuller resting as we tried to get me dug out of a hole full of powder, 3/2

3/5. Poor viz, great snow.

3/6. More snow.

3/7. More snow, but intermittent dumps and sun.

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3/9. Guess what? More snow.
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Mount Spokane today 8"-10" heavy loose chop and I think there was fog (just couldn't see through it). I had forgotten how good the glades are here. First day on Mt. Spokane since the 80's!


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March 13, signs disappearing:

March 16, spring has sprung:
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Saw Silver is doing weekends in April, rather than just Saturday's this year. Also picked up a Schweitzer spring pass if anyone wants to get together up there before the end of the season.

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Today. Polished concrete, chickenheads, various slush depths. Good picture taking conditions.

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This is kind of a farewell for me. I'm not leaving Cda but pretty much at the end of my ski career. I've been processing this for a while. A great snow year and only 3 ski days highlight my situation. My last ski day was 2/2/17 on my 80th birthday. My wife and family from Fort Worth and Colorado Springs joined me and we had a blast. After much thought the memories of double diamonds with moguls, skiing steep trees, and telemarking, now ONLY memories,,trumps all the other elements. I'll still love and enjoy the mountains, winter and snow and probably XC ski and snowshoe, maybe a little downhill from time too time. I'm sending this to all of you who were so welcoming and nice, especially Pete, during the 13-14, season and sending my regrets for not making personal contact with you. .

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Congratulations on a long ski career, not sure I will hang on as long as that!
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​Thanks. Your pictures this year are like memories of my best ski days. I gotta tell you that when we got here in December 2013 I thought I'd be getting to all the nearest ski areas including Whitefish. I had the heart but over the last 3 seasons it became obvious that that the payoff was not worth the physical effort and time. We still got Cda out of the deal and are quite satisfied with that.. 

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Looks like the season to coming to a close.  Finally got some blue skies on Friday and I made it up to Silver for some fine spring skiing on chair 2 & 3.  They had a couple of runs on chair 3 closed until they softened up after lunch.  Plenty of coverage in most areas and they could probably stay open on weekends into May. Skied a few runs with John, a former patroller at the mountain, in the afternoon.  Hope to make it up for one more sunny day this month, we'll see.  49 NORTH has their ski free week starting tomorrow.

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Mind wandered.

March 20:

March 22:

March 23:

March 24:

March 26:
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And then we had..

March 27:

March 28:
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Thursday, March 30:

March 31:
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And, today. April 2:
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Sorry for the repeat, same trail this AM.
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