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2016-2017 season [Inland Northwest group]

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 Anybody been up to lookout yet?  I plan on getting up there next week. Sounds like the season is getting off to a good start.

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Great way to start the season, Lookout reported 8 " overnight and it snowed most of the day.  Only the front side was open, but excellent conditions for December 4.

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No entry's here for awhile so thought I would butt in.


Just started skiing again and have been 6 times, 4 to Silver and twice to Lookout.  Both have good snow now and I think Silver is under reporting summit pack depth.


Last Friday skied with bud John and Ari from LA.  Tried the Meadows at Silver and was good about 6 inches of good powder.  I didn't realize it but the Assay Rd. out of the Meadows has been widened and groomed and was basically a beginner run out and downhill all the way.  This only means one thing, more people will be skiing the Meadows so will have to hit earlier int the morning.  South was good.  Had a good day.  Felt my confidence coming back after my 2/1/16 impact with a tree.


Looks like next week could be some really good powder skiing - hoping the weather guys are right for a change.

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Have been out 14 days. Skipped about nine days at Christmas. Most of the time it's been really cold, diamond dust weather. Haven't really gotten my legs back yet, and that break didn't help. Today:
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See it is really crowded too.  Nice skier view, plenty of snow, no tourists, sunshine.  Oh well someone has to live up here and ski.Thumbs Up

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Sunday 1/8 ski'd Silver today.  Claimed 4 inches and yes in places 4 in was correct.Best skiing was Bootlegger.  Groomers were fun with about 2-3 in on them.  got up there early and didn't start to get "silver crowded" until 1130.  Lodge packed. Tomorrow if we get enough snow should be great.

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Monday l/9 ski'd Silver today.   Reported 7 inches and that was right on with some places deeper.  Was surprised how fast chair 3 and 4 got hammered.  Bootlegger hammered by 1000.  Did find some very good snow of the R side of 2 in the trees, Heaven trees, and of course South.  Good day.  Snow wasn't smoke and wasn't goop but had a real nice turning consistency and filled in Xmas punded areas pretty well.

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Tue 1/10 skied Silver Today.  Reported 6 inches but the Meadows was more like 14 inches.  Great powder and no people.  Great day and great skiing.

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I feel like I need to join in so you don't get lonely.

Skied 1/6, 1/8 and 1/10. Fresh snow, great conditions. Started frigid this season, but it's slightly warmer now.
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1/11. Another frigid day, -8°F at the lift shack as I got to the top in the AM. Nice and empty, blue bird day.

Early AM crowds at the summit:


View of East Rim from Inspiration:

Looking at these pictures, I don't think there is a single human in any of them.....
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Love the pictures.  I will have to stop and take some shots one of these days. Stayed home today and plowed and shoveled, shoveled and plowed. I see you are really crowded too.

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loving the season so far, been out eight times.  Four days each at Silver and Lookout, it just keeps getting better.   Haven't had conditions like this past Monday and Tuesday in a long time.

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Thur 1/12 Skied Silver today. Powder pretty well hammered so skied groomers. Groomer crew did a really good job, especially on Sunrise which which was groomed better than I have ever seen. Fun day, cold but nice in the sunshine, small crowd.

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1/13. Warmer, about 7°.

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 Sibhusky.  see your runs are really crowded - I always say if you are worried about people coming up behind you -  you just need to go faster.  Obviously doesn't apply here.


Silver on saturday MLK weekend.   Lift lines were unusually long stood in one for 30 seconds.  But the lodge was packed.   Groomers fun took a lesson from Ernie Silva and spent most of the day working on balance and short leg long leg.  Fun day.

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MLK Day. A few people showed up.

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 Skied MLK day and the next.   Monday was very nice with sunny skies and enough skiers to work up some of the groomers.   Tuesday was definitely firm and fast and a ghost town.  Took a fall on Tall Paul and then went down again on Why Not and lost both skis.  Think I need to ski those kind of conditions more aggressively, miss one turn and you're in trouble.

 They reported snow on  Wednesday and yesterday, did the snow thaw?   Current conditions in relation to last Monday and Tuesday?

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Skied Whitefish Tuesday and it was nice. Came back Thursday and it was March. They got a lot of wet snow, then groomed it, then the temps dropped. Reminded me of the Poconos on a good day. Very fast conditions. Friends called it ice, but it wasn't icy on the groomers. May have been frozen ruts off piste, but one look told me I was staying on piste. Some lower trails showed brown patches from the groomers hitting protuberances. However, I skied enough to be exhausted today and gave today a miss. So, how bad was it? Okay... There was rime on the goggles... And fog here and there, but not chair-counting fog.

Anyway, HUGE change between Tuesday and Thursday.


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Sunday. Still warm. Very busy, some lines.

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Bright blue day on the hill and a surprising amount of powder in some areas. Need another night like last night to prevent sinking to the ice we got late last week.

Met up with @Fuller for a few runs.
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Skied Thursday and Thursday, some runs with @Fuller and his wife. They apparently had their best day ever here yesterday while I took off. Today:

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Thursday, Silver Mt. is basically groomers only.  Wed. skied South of Border out on Bear Grass and snow variable, ok on top, heavy on bottom-not really worth the long traverse out.


Today groomers skied good, worked on some technique, sorta still coming back from last years collision.  Skied with Coomba and had some good runs.  Gotta call Spokane Mike and see how he is doing, haven't seen him on the hill.  Anyone seen Mike ?

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Friday was fairly boring. We really need more snow to freshen things up and viz was not what it has been.

Sunday was a bright blue day with mild temperatures and the whole town showed up. This is the view from Flower Point towards the back country area of Canyon Creek.
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Finally getting some new snow.  Think I'm going to hit Lookout tomorrow since it is closed today and should have some nice powder skiing when they open up tomorrow.

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Tuesday. Unlike Coomba, still no new snow.
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More sun. This has got to stop.

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 Skied Lookout on Wednesday, they had four inches of new over some very hard, refroze thawed snow. Got skied out fast.




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Skied Silver on Thursday. Cold and windy at times.  Must have been really windy over night as there were bare hard areas and other places with deep wind packed snow.   That wind packed snow does not ski like powder, definitely takes more aggressive turning to break through.   Wardner traverse was tough going and then turned out to be wind blown with pockets of deeper snow, not worth the effort to get there, otherwise a fun sunny day with next to nobody there.

Hang in there sibhusky, more snow is coming. 


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Winter has returned to Whitefish. Not much accumulation during the day, but WAY WAY MORE on the way. Sunday (I don't do Saturdays) should be great.

Today was snow and riming goggles.

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The snow that arrived is heavier than I would like for the depth we got. Quite exhausting to ski and it mounds and packs into moguls within an hour. It'll be a nice base for the colder stuff coming tonight. Visibility was atrocious except in the trees and apparently no one here watches the Super Bowl (or makes food for it) if there is fresh powder. Parked in the "back forty" this AM. Roads were treacherous on the way there (the first three miles took 18 minutes).

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