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Ski Socks

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Which is the best ski sock?
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I used to be a fan of smart wool, but I switched to Columbia's "smart" sock and I like it much more.

- The thinest is always the best
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I like Blaxsox, from blaxsox.com

- The thinnest is always the best!

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X-socks are pretty good

Otherwise some VERY fine wool socks whose name I can't remember
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Smartwool socks are the best. There is no question. Read no further.
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Ouh, I like how the oppinions vary.

I wanna hear some more...
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I wear your basic white socks. They seem fine to me.
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I like Smartwool when I am coaching, for warmth, but I find I easily overpower them on steeps or in moguls. Thorlos are much more responsive, but on cold days they are not warm. Columbias are good in most conditions, but when Killington opens Friday I will be wearing Land's End Merino Wool Charcoal Grey Knee Length Dress Socks, which are thin, soft and warm.

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I have very thin Outlast socks for my Dobbies. They're super warm. I don't remember the manufacturer though.
Otherwise I wear Smartwool when coaching.
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What, are you kidding?

Do you think it's possible you are overthinking this? Seriously.
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The beauty of off-season ES topics eh. Challenging the grey-matter.

Thorlo's everytime, no question, no comparison, no compromise.
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I'm thinking gear?
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Stop thinking so much.
My favourite ski socks are... clean ones.

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Sheesh, you guys wear SOCKS?!?

What's THAT all about?
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Fine wool (merino, being aussie!) men's dress socks are my favourite too, but as my Comformable foam liners seem to have been packing out, I might be able to wear my old Thorlos pretty soon!
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