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Makes sense about the custom molds. That would be expensive. I think it all depends on what you consider "fat". Atomic, K2, Nordica, Rossi, Salomon, Stockli and Volkl have skis 195cm and up that have at least an 80mm (what I consider fat) waist. I guess In my orignal statement I should have said 193+ instead of 195+ to include all the others.

Not unable, it wasn't humorious. RS shared his opinion with us and instead of debating the issue (it sounds like you might have a different opinion) you TRIED to slam him. Weak.

Omniscience???? Sorry if it seemed that way, I was only speaking for myself in what you quoted.
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I seem to have missed the other thread in which Gonz and Red clashed, but let's cool it now. Thanks.
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Screw the feud.. Red's got a point. having no sponsor, I'm a little behind with the latest gear.. All my skis are long, X scream series 195, volkl P40's 193 Plats and f1's and I own a half interest in some 193 Volant t-3's with a buddy who visits from back east.. then there's the Super Mountains in 188 or 184, whatever.. I ain't Stein, but I can get down the hill with reasonable elegence on these boats. That said, I wore out a pair of 195 screamers and bought another pair of..195 screamers.. I like the length and it's relative softness, even flex, and giant sweet spot.. and it's huge repretior.. repitua.. versitility. I like to be able to pressure the individual parts of the ski.It's great for all terrain skiing, for me. It seems a bit stiffer than my edition 1's and I might have done with a 188, but no shorter. Tried the Crossmax in a 180 and hated it. Tried to pressure the tips.. probably did'nt understand them. Tried the 10ex in 178 and it was a nimble 'lil fox hat but I just don't like that Atomic "feel" or lack therof..So I think this line of discussion has real merit; I beleive my preference lies in a longer ski with a softer flex.. next on my demo list is an Axis X in a 188 and a volkl G-3 in the same length... it used to be simple.. all the skies I liked came in bright yellow.. oh well. Then there's this guy I know who skis G41's in 200 cm... really really well.. Then there's my buddy Mel, who's 70,weighs 200 and rips everything on 160 somthing Atomic sloloms.. so go figure..

I'm 5'11",170lbs and ski{this always sounds like such B.S.} level nine or so, anyway I get around this hill o.k.(Alta}

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Whew! I think you guys need to go skiing. :

Union Peak had pretty nice snow for its opener today. Spaulding will have its opener tomorrow. Come join me. My treat.

I recommend longer and fatter for tomorrow.
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Short skis are good for:

1) Slalom racing
2) Tricks (short twins)
3) Beginners and intermediates who spend most of their time on groomed trails
4) Bump skiers

Long skis are good for:

1) DH-type turns
2) Wide open bowls
3) Stomping huge cliff drops
4) Straitlining
5) An athletic, strong (in skillz and physically) skier who rips hard anytime, anywhere, anyplace

Snollerblades are good for:

1) Gapers in NFL starter jackets
2) Tourists
3) Kids who think they're cool bustin it in the park like their sideslippin friends
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A timely bump....

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Posted by Beta Racer
Get the ski that will satisfy you most, and adjust to the conditions that you might encounter, but not as often. If you prefer to use a longer length, work a bit harder in the tight trees and bumps. If you like a shorter more nimble ski, ski a bit slower and let your friends find a place in the lift line. No one ski will be able to do everything you want it to do perfectly. Compromises need to be made.
I agree. I also think that we will see more category specific skis that are somewhat longer with less side cut because this combination works well for a lot of skiers for different reasons.
I learned to ski on the east coast skiing eventually up to 205cm GS traditional skis and everyone else from a teenager on up was skiing similarly long skis. Same kind of trails, conditions and crowds but much less carving a across the hill mostly skidding, skarving and no snowboards. Now you have skiers and snowboarders carving across icy, narrow trails and many skiers skidding on short deep side cut skis trying to control them. In this kind of traffic, there are certain maneuverability advantages to short skis in addition to short turn carving performance improvements.
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Originally posted by Todd Murchison:
Something often overlooked here - extremely shaped skis may be shorter in length than most skis used to be, however the wider tip and tail make for more mass and running surface than a "traditional" ski of equal length would have had. And if you straighten a shaped edge out you end up with a longer edge than a "traditional" ski of the same length would have had. Add to this the increased vibrational absorption, flex specificity, and torsional strength allowed by newer materials & design. And add to THAT the increased options opened up by the shape itself . . . and its pretty clear that there are a LOT of differences between modern shaped skis and older traditional skis. The best skiers in the world are not choosing shorter shaped skis out of fashion, but out of function.
Right ON!
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I like my skis. One pair is X length, and another pair is X+Y length. They are different. Sometimes I use one, sometimes I use the other. One pair is better in ice, one isn't. I am A'B", and weigh C. On the East Coast (or even in a hick backwater such as Australia) I find X length (or maybe X+Y length) to be better/worse because I am sh1t/I am such a legend I can really tell the difference 1 cm makes.

Now, can we all get over this crap, and just get on with skiing whatever damn length we like?
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