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Line bindings.

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I saw some in a store, the quality looked crude and there seamed to be alot of play with the assembly. The concept looks great, I hope thay can make a go with it. Has anyone gotten on them?
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I saw some in a store too and would agree with your assesment. I think however that those may just be prototypes for store demos. Hopefully the final product would be better built. I'd love to see a new binding succeed.
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The interesting feature in the Line bindings is they are movable between Line skis. They are connected to the ski through 4 screws you screw into 4 inserts in the Line skis. Once the bindings have been adjusted to your boots and DIN you can move them between Line skis yourself.
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Coming back from Copper last weekend I saw a guy with these bindings on his skis. Unfortunatly the skis were on his roof rack not on the slope. From what I could tell they look just like the pics I've seen in the mags. The toe piece seems like there should be more to it. The guys plates were from Mass. Maybe works for Line since I think they are developed there or somewhere in NE
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from everything I've heard, they suck and break quite often.
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And they're ridiculously heavy. Like proPulse heavy.

Still, the entire concept behind the binding is a good one.. I don't think I'd buy any binding in its first year of production, but I hope that they sell enough so that they can continue to produce and refine them.
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