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Zuma, Parsenn, and Lift 4 at Loveland all open tomorrow. Some nice rope drops off S @ Copper today...
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In a normal season terrain opens gradually as it becomes available. With the bad start and recent catch-up, the long list of scheduled openings posted above indicates that some areas held back terrain for Christmas which might have been skiable during this week.


I am surprised by this, because I just got back from 3 days at Mammoth, and while I would not call it congested, it was noticeably busier than a "normal midweek."   With some uptick in business the week before Christmas, ski areas still have the incentive to open as many lifts/runs as possible by mid-December IMHO.

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The holiday weekend is here and Breck (61%), Copper (48%) and Loveland (39%) are still lagging.  It's a puzzle because all the other places are close to full operation as one would expect with the strong December snowfall.

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Just finishing up our week+ at Snowmass.  Added today when we saw the chance of getting some powder/soft stuff.  Mountain skied very well, with pretty much everything that 95% of skiers would ski.  Hiked Long Shot this morning, and it was a phenomenal run down.  


Snow got a little scratchy midweek, then a couple of nice 5-7" refreshers.  Ajax skied wonderfully the one day we were there.  


Very happy we kept our plans as is, though I know we were lucky.  As mentioned above, had I not seen that cycle lined up I almost certainly would've taken the fam to Whistler.  

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Quote = golden23:
pretty much everything that 95% of skiers would ski.  

Aspen/Snowmass was 35% open Dec. 16 and 75% open Dec. 23. Since they got 2 feet Dec. 17-18, I presume the terrain expansion occurred early in the week.


And yes at 75%, what's not open is the high expert stuff.

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Yep- Snowmass opened the whole Elk camp side of the mountain the morning after the 19" storm (believe it was the 18th it was opened), and then slowly opened the middle Alpine lifts over the next few days.  

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Christmas Zoo Week is officially here, so here are the results of terrain open, first my Nov. 19 prediction, second the actual today in bold, third the long term median since 1988:


A-Basin: 39%, 87%, 60%

Breck:  52%, 69%, 76%

Copper: 54%, 50%, 66%

Keystone: 55%, 98%, 88%

Loveland: 35%, 40%, 59%

Steamboat: 89%, 98%, 97%

Vail: 72%, 99%, 96%

Winter Park: 58%, 78%, 83%


The December storms completely erased the November deficit and even a bit more than that in some places. Base depths are above average for Christmas Week at A-Basin, Keystone, Steamboat and Vail and no worse than average at the other places.  In this context it's strange how little Copper and Loveland have open.  Long term it's not all that strange because their median percents open at Christmas are quite low relative to most destination resorts.  A-Basin is normally in that group too, but happily not this year.


Even though it's been snowing all month it takes time to make up a deficiency as severe as existed Nov. 15.   Skiing was only on a limited 18-inch snowmaking base through Dec. 8 and terrain was as restricted or worse than I predicted Dec. 14.   The Dec. 16-18 storm is what moved the needle so the week before Christmas was only moderately below average in open terrain but of course skied better than that because of the new snow.   As of Christmas it's a normal or better season.

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Loveland is opening Chair 8 tomorrow, so figure that catches them up a bit....
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