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Atomic 9.16 Race Stock or 03 Elan SLX

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What should I do I can get the Atomic 155cm for $100 less?

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hey, i think the elan is defiently the better ski, but buisness is buissness.
Where can u find stock elan slx's? ive been looking all over and cant find a pair. Would be much appreciatyed if ud help me out
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All 2001 and 2002 Elan SLX's were race stock skis. Elan did not produce a regular SLX that was made for mere mortals. And the Elan does in fact smoke the 9.16 stock everywhere. Those who have not skied the SLX should ski it before they start bashing ELan... I was one fo those people until i skied that ski...

The only difference between the world cup SLX and to SLX that is given to most racers on proform is the thickness of the edge. The Skis that are given to racers who dont get new skis for every race have thicker edges to allow for more tuning. The sheets of titanium are the same thickness, vertical sidewalls, etc.

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Racing? Atomic before Elan. Always!
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I have heard the Elan's are very good. But very stiff. Like too stiff for most gals and lighter guys.
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I will second the stiffness issue. I will be skiing it in a 154 next year, and let me tell you its a lot of ski. Plenty for me at only 145 pounds. It threw me a few times, but with the Elan i dont think weight is as much of an issue as it is with the rossignol 9s stock.
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I'm thinking 150s for you not 155s.
If you're not racing FIS,than why use skis designed for a 175 pound guy?
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154 is the smallest length available in the SLX. Even in our races (USCSA division 3 - college) we arent checked for accordance with FIS rules on ski length, sidecut, lift, etc. So it isnt a big deal that im under the limit in length and possibly over a bit in height. I wish Elan made a 150, but they dont so ill take the 154. Either way its better than the 160's i was on this year... those are considered long skis now...
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What do you think of 160's for 5'11", 185 lbs? Does the elan for next year have huge tips in the 120mm range like fischer?
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The 150 advice was for Need BB. At 120lbs He should be on 150s.
You at 145 lbs. should be in the weight room instead of online.
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Greg, I don't want to sound *too* obsessed here, but you are *not* racing "Division 3", you are instead racing in the Mideast Conference of the USCSA, and the only divisional affiliation is geographic (Adirondack vs. Empire), sans numerals. Division III is *earned* only via NCAA varsity status (or I suppose NAIA also), and to go around calling yourself Division III when you're a club sport is actually kind of insulting (albeit unintentionally, obviously) to actual varsity teams.
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The Elan SLX has a 107mm tip for next year and it has an 11.9m turning radius at a 154.

The reason i chose to use division 3 as the title is that most poeple if you rattle off the Mideast Confrence of USCSA dont have a clue what you are talking about. And it should not be insulting to those who are varsity teams that are actually division 3 teams because there are a lot of club teams out there beating those racers... I used the title merely for conveience, but i dont think that you should go assuming that all those racers who are on varsity teams are faster than those who are club teams. Club teams still race against the varsity teams and are competative (accept for with sierra nevada...).
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I agree that most people have no idea what USCSA or MEC etc mean, whereas they do know what Division III means, but that is precisely my point - UB is not Division III, and hence saying D 3 is telling them something that is inaccurate. It is indeed convenient, but it is also entirely misleading. For example, almost all NCAA Division III teams have their races scored for USSA points (and hence have a USSA Technical Delegate present to enforce various rules & regs), but my understanding is that MEC Empire still does not.
I never meant to imply that varsity status automatically means a better skill level than club status. However, the level of competition at the MEC Empire Division is nothing like the MacConnell Division (mainly Division III schools) of the ECSC or the all-varsity EISA (mainly Division III).
Also, look at the top 11 teams at the USCSA national championships: all varsity. After that it's almost exclusively club teams from geographically challenged parts of the country.
Another example is when the MEC Adirondack Division comes to the ECSC regional championships at Waterville: typically only NCAA Division III Clarkson stands any chance of qualifying for nationals. Ditto for the teams from the ECSC club divisions - only NCAA Division II Green Mtn College stands a chance.
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To my knowledge our confrence is the only one that does nto receive USSA points for our races. Its very dissappointing to some of the racers that normally would have points, but id ont knwo if there is much anyone can do about it, short of convincing Egan that its a good idea... oh well, back to the SL skis. OBTW: one of the guys that skis for clarkson (he was either their 1st or second racer this year) was the guy who introduced me to the Elan SLX (after he beat me by 4 seconds).
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If it was Nick Nodolski (one of their top skiers), he is a Greek Peak alum!
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Nope wasnt Nick, he was on salomon this year i think. for some reason i cant think of the guys name... but im pretty sure Nick was on salomon this year. Alot of the clarkson team was in fact, there were only two guys on Elan. I only know that because i talked with some of the Clarkson team while we were at waterville.
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I watched Nick race this year at Tog. He sure is a strong skier. He's gotten a lot better at slalom the past couple of years too. Lbrother one used to race Nick all the time. It always seemed as if it was Nick, lbrother1, John Minahan, Coley Cole, and one more I can't remember, fighting for the top three places.

I know Nick's cousin Mike Nidaolski. He just turned 15 going to be a JII next year. That kid is such a powerful skier just like Nick. That family can put out some good racers.

And Helluvaskier, getting Egan to change his ways AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN. He thinks he knows it all. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and you can learn a lot from him but certain things he does and teaches are antiquated. For a better idea of newer ideas and technique Engle is probably a better source of info, if you're racing for SU.

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I agree with you about Egan... Engle knows his stuff though. Mike is an amazing skier though, especially for his age. In the past he has had trouble consistency but when he is on he is very very fast. He skis like no 15 yearold i have ever seen. Their father Roger is a pretty good skier himself. I did quite a bit of bump skiing at the end of last season with Roger and a few others from Greek Peak. They seem to be a family of very good skiers though.
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Mike had so many coaches on the tip of their seats this year each time he came down a coarse. You're right, he's either on or off. This season, though, I must say he was on most off the time. One problem he has is sitting in the back seat. When he gets back there he's going for a ride and man is it fun to watch. He'll pull off turns that any normal 15 year old shouldn't be able to do. This is due to his strength. That kid has a lot of muscle for being only 15. Unfortunatly he didn't do so well at the JO's this year. But at the same time not many NY JIII's did very well at JO's this year. I personaly think that the NY kids had their skiing peak this year at State Championships. Roger, Mike's dad is a good guy. Mike's mom, I don't remember her name, is really nice as well. I've spent many hours looking up a coarse waiting for racers talking to Roger.

So are you attending SU now or do you just know Egan and Engle from the college races in central NY? Cris Engle and I skied together quite a bit this year. He seemed to have fun coaching for SU. I know he had been a coach down at Alfred for a few years.

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I actualy attend the university at buffalo. I ski at greek peak and know most of the people involved in the race program there. And from racing for UB i know a lot of the coaches from our confrence.
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Stop the hype!
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Congrats, you can use a search engine, it makes us all proud. What hype would you be referring to?? The fact that two of us here know the same group of racers from the same area in Western NY... isnt that what this site is all about? It's not really hype at all, just the fact that not many people know that USCSA exists (and if you do then thats wonderful), and the other posters in this thread and i seem to know the same skiers from this area. Its not hype its a conversation.
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