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Marker WC Piston Control Plate Mounting

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Hi all,

I am new to Epicski so wanted to say hello and also get some advice.

I have a (slightly) used Marker WC Piston Plate which I am looking to mount on some SL skis, but can't seem to find any Marker tech manual or mounting instructions for the interface anywhere on the net.

Hopefully someone on epicski will have a copy of the instructions they could share with me or point me in the right direction of where to source a copy?

Any help will be much appreciated!

Also is there any differences between Marker Piston plate that comes with the Nordica WC SL on the Marker Ines you can buy on the internet? The one I have is the 2013 Nordica Piston Plate.
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Wellcome to Epic. I really love the PistonPlate/Marker combo and so does Marcel Hirscher. So much he fitted all his Atomic skis with Marker plates and bindings a few years back before Atomic developed something Marcel was happy with. I didn't watch Sölden so I don't know what he is using right now but clearly Marker has been onto something. What I liked about the PistonPlate and the Marker Comp 20 was the simplicity and the versatility. You can easily move the bindings with just a screw driver and the front and the back pcs are not connected. The PistonPlate is also very rigid and the Comp20 a great binding.


The PistonPlate has changed a bit over the years but the current version has been more or less the same mounting vice since they remade the whole thing. There are at least two different models manufactured, one for SL and one for GS, but its only the height that differs. One change to the plate of important came a few years back with the new race bindings. The new bindings needed a new screw configuration so a set of new holes were pre drilled in the new PistonPlates. So if you are going to use the new race binding be sure you also have the new plate. I run into this problem. However, way before they launched the new binding they started predrilling the new holes.


Anyway, I don't have any manuals left since the mounting was always done at the local shop if the skis didn't come with plates pre mounted. However, here is a great video on how to mount the PistonPlates.


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Thanks for your reply And welcome to the forum Tdk6, much appreciated.

I am really looking forward to mounting the plates and giving the skis a blast!

Thanks for the video link, I will still keep searching for a copy of the manual, just so I can understand how to adjust the flex of the plate. Do you know if there is a boot centre mark in the plates, I will probably mount slightly forward, but just wanted an idea when mounting the plate.

My plate is slightly different to the one in the video as it is a plate made for Nordica, but the mounting points look similar.

Thanks again!smile.gif
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The Nordica plate should be identical to the Marker one. At least the Blizzards and Völkls were. They make lots of different colours. On the other hand, there can be some cheaper models mimicking the real stuff. Be sure you have the FIS approved true Piston Plate.

I always mounted my plates according to the Ball of Foot concept so I never needed the centre mark. But I think this is it:

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The plate is coming off a pair of 2013 Nordica SL FIS skis so should be the real piston plate. Just noticed a notch on the metal frame of the plate which I think may be the boot centre.

Here is a pic of my plate.

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