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Counting turns on Skier's Edge

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As part of my new workout and weight loss scheme, I'm using a Skiers Edge workout machine. I've read online that I should strive for 1000 continuous turns, but my machine doesn't have a counter on it.

​Has anyone tried using a Smartphone app to record their turns? Are there other devices that I can use to count my turns? I suppose I could count how many I do in 1 minute or 3 minute period and then extrapolate from there.

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I did a bit of DIY


I got a electronic counter off of ebay for my Skiers Edge


basically it comes with a magnet which I put on the center of the moveable trolley on the skiers edge, then I got an 90 shelf bracket, drilled a hole to mount the sensor. then I place the bracket on the floor in front of the skiers edge, close enough to sense the magnet as it passes back and forth, which then counts each time the trolley pass. So when the trolley goes to one side and back, that is one turn, and the counter registers it.


I think I spent $15 all in.

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This video uses a fairly old model Skiers Edge.  Since I bought mine for a steal from craigslist ($75 SE III), it's how I got some idea of how to use the SE.  For me, once I got a general idea of how long it took to do 100, I just use the amount of time.


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OK, tested out my phone today. Counted 500 turns mentally and then checked. Saw 575 additional steps on my phone. Not 100% perfect but close enough for me. Also found it took me 7 minutes to get to 500. If I spend 15 minutes, I think that's a 1000 turns and then I'll call it good.


No need to be extremely precise about this, it's just cardio exercise.

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