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Telemark ski advice

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Am looking for ski to use primarily at resorts. I have Garmont 4 buckle boots and will probably pair with one of the Black Diamond underfoot tele bindings like the O1. Weight is not critically important, but these will be a backup for my backcountry skis so should not be ridiculously heavy. I am an experienced telemarker but at resorts tend to stick to groomers.


I am 5-11, 190 pounds. My current resort ski is a Black Diamond Voodoo, and it is totally inadequate. Will not ski crud or heavy powder.


Anyone have experience with these?


G3 Boundary 100!180%2C184%2C178%2C177%2C185%2F


Line Sick Day 102:


Black Crow Camox


DPS Wailer 99.


Or any other suggestions?

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Experienced tele skier here.  5"11, 180lbs. 


No experience with the skis you mentioned but I think the Volkl Kendo might be an option for you.


Kendo last season set up with 22Designs Outlaw and use Crispi EVO WC boots.  


Love this does everything, rails on groomers and handles chop, crud and bumps insanely well.    I tend to charge on the groomers and the Kendo can handle any speed and provides perfect snap and rebound...very stable.  At 90mm underfoot, I'm impressed with how it handled variable conditions including some pow. 


I'm an East Coast skier but took it to Snowbird for a couple of days last season and it was good in everything.  We didn't get any knee-deep pow, but it was good in the boot top stuff we did ski.  Not sure if you'll need something fatter in MT...


Came from a Dynastar Powertrak 89 (hated it) and some K2's before that (Rictor 90, BackDrop, Sideshow) and the Kendo puts them all to shame.    


On a side note: I made the switch to NTN last season once 22 Designs made an NTN binding.  I have to say it's awesome, especially for frontside skiing.  Did a couple of short BC tours on it (we had awful snow last season) and it was almost as good as my Axl's.  Never going back to the duckbill.  Try it if you can....  


Hope this helps.

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I'd be looking at a 85-95 mm ski at the waist, you mentioned groomers which is why I recommend this width. Not up on the skis currently on the market but I don't take my Mantras out to ski groomers I use a older Volkl at 84 underfoot.
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