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Classic ski patches

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whatever happened to sticking these patches on our ski gear?  lets bring it back! or maybe i don't really want to put holes in my gore-tex:D-  picked up these blasts from the past on a recent visit to mom and dad.


let's see them!

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You said it yourself. Back in the 70's, ski gear wasn't actually waterproof, so it didn't matter if you punched little holes in it to sew on a patch. Now, I'm not about to put any more holes in my jacket's membrane than I have to. As an instructor, I have to ski with a jacket that's embroidered on the back and on the chest. Let me tell you that when it rains, you can see exactly where the embroidery is when I take off my uniform jacket. 


Although putting them on a midlayer like a fleece or something... I'd be down for that. 

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