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I need to find a good telemark and alpine touring boot fitter that can solve a difficult problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I live in southern California and would gladly travel to Mammoth, Tahoe, or Utah to get boots that allow me to ski again.

I have an ankle that is not stable due to a birth defect. This did not stop me from skiing and mountaineering until a few years ago, when a psychopath hit me with her car while I was riding my bicycle. Now, my ankle has an unusually large volume and my foot is very pronated (to the point that there is bone on bone contact that is very painful when I put weight on it).

When walking, I wear a custom fit Hinged Ankle Foot Orthotic (HAFO) that stops the pronation. This helps very much. The HAFO is very bulky and would not fit inside a boot very well.

I need a custom fit boot that has a large volume and can correct the extreme pronation.

Thanks for your help.