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Suggestions for a EC CLYDE ski

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Got the boots last year, missed the Peak ski and sport labor day sale, I was laboring, however Willies is having a sale at Yinzer Hill (7 springs) this weekend. I rented last year after leaving my old well used straights at home, and I was on a 176 camber Elan. I liked it however as the season went by, once I got over them, I was over driving in turns and stops, and although I am not a fast skier, they were a tad on the slow side.


Stats, 6", 250#, 52yo terminal intermediate, used to be OK as a ute, will work up to a couple blacks maybe this year, glades hold no interest, on piste, maybe bumps again, east coast skier, Mostly Blue Knob, with a NH trip planned. If things go well, next year I am headed back out to Mt Baker.


I would like a suggestion on a 180-185 ish camber ski built for a larger feller so if I see something I like at the sale, I am a little informed about what I am looking at.



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I'm 6'6", 225 lb and ski these on the east coast, Poconos, VT, and ME. If you like Elan, take a look.


Next year's version of the same ski.

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I see nothing wrong with those. Might be a little advanced for me, at the moment, but I should be able to ski into them, and the price is right.


With the HEAD bindings, its a 400 dollar bill.


You sir, are a efficient enabler.


Thumbs Up

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I had the same concern, but found them to be excellent for me at my weight and height. They did force me to be more engaged at all times and not just cruise along sometimes like I could on my old intermediate skis. They really grip the east coast hardpack. If they are too long, L9 might have another model more suited to you.

I've bought several older model year skis from L9 for myself or the family, and sometimes the binding choices are not very broad or meet my preference. Fortunately, I was able to pair the Elans with Look Pivot 12 bindings, although not for such a substantial discount as the skis. Still very affordable for the mounted set.
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Well, we are going to find out soon. The brown truck of happiness should be showing up at the end of the week.

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The Brown truck of happiness has come and gone. Checked the boots and set the bindings a little light, ready to rock and roll.


For a little more info. Level 9 was great. No fuss, no muss. They shot me a email for my boot size, I filled it out and the skis shipped on the 13th, arrived here 19 Oct. 388.00 included shipping.

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Needed to update this thread.


I got to Blue Knob today and took them for a ride. Not yes, but HELL YEAH. The snow wasnt the best, but they were very controllable and I couldnt wash them out. I was turning pretty well and comfortable after 2 runs. I will have to live up to them but I know I didnt push them towards their limits at all. I was only on groomers so if you were looking for mogul info, I cant help.


I am going to try to get out week after next, and then it is off to Okemo. If anything changes, I will post, but I am real happy with the performance, cost, and dealing with level 9 sports right now.


I would recommend to any other terminal intermediate clyde skiing the east coast.

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Glad I could point you in the right direction!
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