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WolffePack Summit BackPack - Opinion?

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I'm an intern working at WolffePack, this is my first post on Epic Ski so please let me know if anything I've posted is against community guidelines or in the wrong section and I'll be sure to adjust as fast as I can! 


Basically, we've released a new product on KickStarter and it would be great to get feedback from Ski/Snowboarding advocates. We've had great reviews and comment so far but for us to really create a product that benefits the snow community we need as much feedback as possible. 


So, if you fancy leaving feedback then it would be incredibly helpful, alternatively, If you fancy messaging me in private to discuss the KickStarter or have any questions then please email me at nick@wolffepack.com


Thanks guys, and have a great day! :D



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Interesting concept. I'd worry that having only one set of straps on the back for carrying your skis would be too little though. You notice that most of the major's designs have a two strap set up, one at the top of the bag, one at the bottom, so the skis don't flap around as you walk. 



But add ABS and those straps compatibility, and you'd have a pretty awesome offering going.

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Thanks for the input, the skis do hold up quite well with the single strap, however, adding another strap could be something we'll look into implementing further down the line.

The main concept with the Wolffepack summit is adding easier access to the skiers experience.

If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on the pulley system we have implemented?

Thanks for the advice and feedback!
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I like the pulley system, seems like a wonderfully innovative solution to a common problem. However, I'd be curious to know how it would hold up in the sleet and freezing rain that we get here in the PNW

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Great question! 


Whilst designing the bag we wanted to make sure that it was durable and weather resistant in a wide variety of weather conditions. After testing the bag on the slopes we are confident to say that the WP pulley system should operate fine in even the worst of conditions.


The bags material is also water resistant has waterproof zips and comes with fleece lined pockets on the front to protect your more delicate ski gear, such as goggle and visors.  



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Congratulations on reaching your goal.


TBH pretty meh on the pack.   If it was a dedicated camera bag with a liner I could see its usefulness.



Just me,  

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Fair enough, thanks for the feedback!


We actually released a camera bag around two months ago and successfully smashed our funding goal.


I would post a link on here but then I feel it is getting rather off topic, google "Wolffepack Capture" if your interested.



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