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Hey, Epic Ski crew! (15% off code below)


As we move into a new season I wanted to reach out to all of you and say THANKS! The support that Grass Sticks received from you all was amazing. Thanks for spreading the word about Grass Sticks, and for helping to make us a better company. I'd like to offer you all 15% off through October with code "epic16". Plug in the code in your cart at If you haven't heard from us, we make bamboo ski poles in Steamboat Springs. They are lighter and stronger than aluminum, completely custom, and backed with a 2-year unlimited warranty. Please see this thread from last season, full of comments, reviews, and questions:


I'd love to hear any comments, questions, praise, problems, suggestions, resumes, or other feedback you may have...GO! You can also email me,


Some new things for 2016/17:


1. Straps are now made with 100% recycled polyester but still have the same natural color and weave. While the hemp was pretty cool, the recycled poly will perform and hold up much better in the weather. Even with the thicker hemp that we began to use, it eventually lost its shape and was prone to freezing up when damp.


2. Baskets are now secured with a set screw. While this makes it a little harder to swap out your baskets (you will need a small-ish screwdriver) it eliminates any chance of your basket falling off. There will be no repeats of basketgate 2015, as we call it around here. Our huge powder baskets have also been reinforced as we had some durability issues with them last season. 


3. We will be launching our "Ring Tail" Sticks this month. Same pole, but before any sanding or clearcoat, we burn rings into the bamboo. When sanded and coated they look pretty slick! This technique has been used for many many years in the production of split cane fly rods. Look for our release on social media in the coming weeks.


4. Please check out our Events Page, for a full listing of demo days, build days, trade shows, and other events. I'd love to meet some of you and make some turns together!


5. If you don't, please follow us on social media. Not only does it help us out, but we share all sorts of information, deals, and some pretty sweet athlete photography. InstagramFacebook.


Thanks again, hope to meet many of you this winter!