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Gem Card in Colorado?

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Does anyone know specifically how the Gem card works?


It's good for 2 for 1 or 30% off at Loveland, A-basin, Granby, and a few other small areas.


But I couldn't see specifics like is it good only one time per ski area?  Can I choose 2 for 1 or 30% off?


Anyone used this?

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It says:

"The Gems Card provides either two 2-for-1 lift tickets or two 30% off lift tickets at each of the Eight Colorado Gems Resorts. Use your Gems Card for either two BOGOs, two 30% discounts, or one of each deal at all eight Gems resorts."

It says only one discount per day, so it has to be good for each ski area twice in order for you to get the advertised benefits.

This is the first time I've seen the 30% off deal. Nice that it's now solo-skier friendly.
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I got confirmation that it's two uses per resort.


"Thank you for your questions about or Gems Card. Basically, you get two uses of your Gems Card at each of the 8 resorts, giving you 16 total uses. It is totally up to you whether you want your uses to be the BOGO deal or the 30% discount deal. 


For example, at Loveland, you could do the BOGO deal on Dec 16th, and then come back on the 17th and use the BOGO deal again!"

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