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Took a chance and picked up some NOS, 2013 Volkl Tigershark 10s--probably my favorite carvers of all time and the ski that got me back on two planks a few years ago. The problem is, they don't have bindings (stock bindings are the Marker ipt Speedrides.) While I can find some slightly older, ipt Motions, it does look like the track that Volkl/Marker used for the Tigersharks changed slightly over time. I can also find some ipt Widerides meant for Volkl RTM 80's and henceforth the new track system, but I'm not sure if they'll be too wide, either for the Tigershark mounting track or for the width of the skis themselves.


Anyone know where I might be able to score some Speedrides, or if the Widerides might work?


Many thanks!