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Kids Ski Boots; Flat Feet; Age 9

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Hi all, 


Looking for some help and recommendations here.  Last year when fitting boots for my son, we could not get him comfortable, and then when we put him in an off the shelf footbed -- a Sidas Winter 3D -- they fit better.  By mid-winter, as a result of pain when running, on hikes and in other activities, he had been diagnosed with flat feet, and the docs recommended that he get semi-custom Chipmunk insoles in his regular shoes. http://cascadedafo.com/products/chipmunk  He loves them and his feet are super comfortable.  (No complaints after hiking all day, when he used to complain ten minutes in.)  


This winter he will be nine and three-quarters, and he currently weighs about 57 lbs and is 4' 2".   For a kid who probably who has been getting only about 12 to 15 days in a year, he rips well.  He skis double blacks at real mountains, though he could do better by getting more forward.  He doesn't want to join the race team.


So, here are the questions:

1. Should I try to put his chipmunks in his ski boots, stick with something like the Sidas Winter 3D product, or go for a different alternative?

2. He has been skiing great in the season lease boot from our local shop, which has been a very basic three buckle overlap.  Given he is skiing well, but is still a lightweight (though strong), would there be an advantage to spending essentially three times or more as much and actually buying a boot?


I will eventually go to a local shop, but it is sometimes hard to get good advice there. 




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1)   try what he has and see if it work.


2)  try a sidas, or other footbed, and see if that works better


3)  if he likes the boots, and skiing is for fun, stick with them.   if HE wants better performance, then look at better fitting boots. 


4)  read this   http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me

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That chipmunk needs to stay in his shoes. There is no way that device will integrate into a properly sized ski boot... a shoe is not a ski boot and vice versa. 


Footbeds for shoes need to be "overbuilt" from the bottom because there is no support around the ankle and lower leg from a shoe. A ski boot has or should have control of the lower leg and ankle.


Just for the record, flat feet are not a disease and they do not need to be cured. A good boot fitter can find a quick and easy solution and be able to read your sons arch to assess what device and how to best accommodate them into the boot.The internet is not a good location to figure out the way his arch behaves...



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