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has anyone here tried the Zardoz Notwax? What did you think? It seems to be an easier alternative to waxing.
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I've used Notwax for several seasons now. It is not a substitute for waxing. I usually mix it in with the hot wax (their Felix Method of use), then top it with notwax. I keep the skis topped with notwax, and have to wax less frequently. Notwax is great in wet (warm) snow. Their is a warning with it (read it carefully) that says it will basically stick on very cold (I can't remember the temp. threshold) snow. I'm a Mid-Atlantic skier, so I feel it's the best stuff I've ever used, but I'm usually on a pretty wet surface. I get great glide, and can procrastinate about waxing with it.
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hmm... here we get temps as low as -25 C very frequently. Could pose a problem!
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I use it in April and May. It works very well in wet spring snow and it helps prevent sticking because it doesn't pick up the the sticky goo that comes from the trees that time of year. I don't recommend it for temperatures much below freezing, although I've never tried the Felix process. For spring snow I try to follow the directions and remove the old wax before applying Notwax. It works best it you apply it the night before you plan to ski and then again at the start of the day. You can also just apply it over the remaining wax, but it won't last as long. One of the reasons I like the stuff is that you don't have to put a coarse structure on the base for spring snow. It actually works best with a smooth base.
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Notwax is terrific to wipe on a couple of times a day, particularly on warmer days. I remember that they cautioned about "gripiness" on cold days, but said that would go away quickly as you skied. Use it as a top or midlayer when waxing. If you really don't like wax labor, then get the wipe on stuff.
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so what would be a good alternative rub-on wax for colder temps?
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Swix F4 works well down to about 14 deg F. It's available as liquid or paste for easy application and also in solid bars for hot waxing. The paste wax will last longer if you rub it in well using a cork. I've had it last 2 or 3 days.
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