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Lange RS130 Wide

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I've taken delivery of a pair of Lange RS130 Wides in 29.5 - not last year's model, the year before that.  Stomping around my living room, wearing the thinnest pair of socks I own, they feel terrific (like a part of my foot) for about 15-25 minutes, and then it becomes obvious they're just a bit tight - especially over the (medial) instep.  I eventually end up with tingles and numbness.


I have a wide-ish foot (115mm at the widest), an average-to-high arch, and a reasonably high (and long) instep.  When I buckle up the Langes I'm on the last hook for the lower two buckles and there's a bit of pressure over the instep.  After a few minutes the foam liner packs down and that pressure eases a little. 


I'm coming out of a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 14s, with a punch at the first metatarsal on each boot.


The boots probably need a small push at the first metatarsal like my outgoing Nordicas, which is no big deal.  After that what's my next step to free up some room over the instep?  I'm running my standard custom footbed, and there's not much room to gain there.  Three options occur to me: 1) punch the boots at the first met and re-try them based on a slightly lower 'squish factor' across the widest part of my foot, 2) grind down the boot board a little, and 3) source a thinner liner (or remove some foam from the existing liner).


I'm concerned about lowering the boot board too far as the sides of the foot can get hung up on the curve of the boot leaving the centre under too much pressure.  I had that happen in an old pair of Tecnicas years back.


Since the boots are verging on being 'great' should I simply be searching for a thinner Lange liner?  What would be available?


Many thanks


[edit - off the back of the above issue I grabbed a pair of Tecnica Mach 1 130s in 29.5 prior to our season.  They provide that bit more room over the instep and they're fine, although they're also going to require a punch to widen each boot a little]

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in the model you have you have the older style tongue, the newer ones have the foam padding over that area perforated to make it a little softer


you could crush the padding a little or apply some heat to the shell and add a bit of foam padding to the instep of your foot while the shell cools and force it up a little

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Thanks for the quick reply

So heating the shell (with a bit of padding) can stretch the instep area? Nice.

The Tecnicas are good, but the Langes feel like they could be a revelation.
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just be careful how you heat and how much heat, but yes you should be able to manipulate the plastic and pack down the liner a bit in that area with some heat.... worth having a chat with your boot fitter rather than a straight in DIY attempt

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