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Rossi All Speed Elite 130 only has 2 flex adj!

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Hi Folks,


I'm probably missing something here but my All Speed's have the 3 Flex Adj bolts in the rear, well 2 bolts in the lower holes and a plastic cover in the top hole.

When the 2 lower aluminium bolts are removed you can see the threaded inserts/nuts they screw into but removing the top plastic cover just reveals a blind plastic hole, removing the boot liner confirms that it is only the bottom 2 that are usable for adjustment.


All the literature I've found reads that all 3 should be threaded!


Taken from the Rossi sites pdf on the boot.


"The shell/cuff connection gives the wearer the option of adjusting the boot’s flex by changing the position of the screws. UNISEX’s models: 3 screws WOMEN’s model: 2 screws ALLSPEED 2 SCREWS DOWN 2 SCREWS TOP 1 SCREW TOP 130 130 120 110 120 120 110 100 110 110 100 90 100 100 90 NOT RECOMMANDED 90 90 80 NOT RECOMMANDED 80 80 70 NOT RECOMMANDED"


Any thought gratefully received.



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you remove the bottom screw and it's insert and move it to the top hole, if you want to put a third screw in you need to get hold of an insert and a spare screw, shouldn't be a problem to get this from any shop.... we are just over the border 



screws in the spine of the boot will affect rebound more than flex and you always want to have at least one screw in place... after all it is part of what holds the boot together 

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All the literature reads differently! It says use top two or bottom two or top only




The top "blind/blank" hole does not go through the inner skin of boot so it would mean drilling the boot for the insert and bolt.

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yes that is correct, some people think putting a third bolt in will make it some sort of superboot


you obviously have an early production one, they now all come drilled... where did they come from? very simple to drill it out, happy to do that for you if you want it doing

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Thumbs UpThanks for the offer CEM, yeah I've had them about 18 months so pretty much when they were first released on the market.

I purchased from Goitschel Sport in Val Tho.


I'm happy to drill them myself, would the insert be readily available (maybe E-B at Milton Keynes Snowzone)?


It looks like the insert will bite into the boot shell once the bolt is tightened so not crimp tool required.





EDIT !!!! Just re-read your post, you stated REMOVING THE INSERT and moving it up to the top.

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if you need a spare insert send me a PM , EB at Milton Keynes would have to order it from me ( we supply all the lange/rossi spares to the trade in the UK)

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PM sent :)

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the difference between 2 and 3 bolts is negligible. cuff locked to the lower is cuff locked to the lower... 2 bolts versus 3 bolts also negligible. to prove it, just take the middle bolt hardware and move it to the top holes. thats only 2 bolts but the spacing is the same if you used 3. I will be very impressed if you feel any difference. if your boots are too soft, you need to buy a stiffer boot...



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oh and jftr, just cause the manufacturer printed flex adjustment on the back of the shell, that does not mean that the boot has flex adjustment. no more than the words "canting" on the side cuff bolts do any canting...



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All I'm after doing is having a play around with how they feel, end of! Not thinking changing a bolt is going to turn me into God or such like.



Pete (the ski god).


Many thanks for sending the hardwear www.solutions4feet.com

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