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Telluride tips?

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Stoked to be returning to Telluride for this years ski week, last time in 2003 was a hoot and a half - The North Mississippi AllStars played the Fly me to the Moon Saloon during our week, won't be able to forget that night. We'll be there last week of January this year, a lot of new terrain opened since '03.


Doesn't seem to be much of any deals on lift tix outside of the 5 of 7 package.


Another sticker shock is the snowmobiling, which clocks in around $250 for a half day. The 14,000 foot peaks around T-ride make for some epic off day riding some of the best snowmobile scenery these eyes have been privileged to see.


Any intel on snowmobile or lift tix much appreciated.

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get the brooklyn at browndawg

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nice tip, googled the menu ..needed somewhere for our arrival lunch.

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Telluride is expensive, no way around it, money well spent though. 

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Telluride has some lift tickets/lesson deals, but you gotta want to take a full day lesson. And there's now the Mountain Collective pass. But that's it. We paid lift ticket window prices last year, which on one hand is sticker shock, but really, if you can afford to go on a ski vacation to Telluride, what's a couple extra hundred bucks (compared to other ski areas) in lift ticket costs.
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