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Newell Brands Fire Sale

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Well it's official. All ski related companies must go. Anyone in the market for a new ski quiver that fills itself?



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This could be a very good development. Never good to be an unwanted part of a conglomerate.

Could see Scarpa acquiring Dalbello and Dynafit acquiring Market for complementary market growth. K2 could be the big loser.
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I think Marker is a sure fire buy. Solid market share there. Honestly I could see K2 being picked up for brand recognition. I think that is their highest value asset. Volkl is interesting and I'm not sure brings much value but I like their skis so I hope they survive.

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This press release came out yesterday. K2,Line,Volkl, Marker and Dalbello will be fine. Should be better situation for all of those companies.
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Guess I've been in a cave and didn't realized Newell had overlapping products such as skis from K2 and Volkl as well as boots from Dalbello and Full Tilt. It makes me wonder how each product can find their own market place and drive innovation under the same umbrella.  

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Newell Rubbermaid has been buying all sorts of companies.  One of them was Jarden, which has been collecting ski-related companies since 2002.



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Jarden has a complicated corporate history starting from a spinoff from Ball in 1993, with name changes.  Has been acquiring companies since 2002.  Buying K2 is what got Jarden into the ski industry in a big way.


From Jarden Wikipedia page as of 12/14/15:

In August 2007, Jarden acquired K2 Sports for approximately US$ 1.2 billion. K2 included brands such as MarkerMarmotRawlingsSevylorShakespeare, and Völkl under its umbrella.


Jarden Outdoors has a lot of brands.


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@jack97 K2 actually is the parent corporation of Volkl, Marker so I'm sure at the corporate level they make sure to have significantly different target markets for each of the brands compared to Volkl.

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"The ski industry has been buzzing on K2 in recent months as the company endured the Jarden-Newell merger process. A large exodus of longtime staffers started last year when K2 president Tim Petrick left the company to work as chief operating officer of southern Colorado’s Silverton Mountain ski area"



"SGB Media reported that Newell’s decision to dump the entire winter sports business shows a lack of confidence in the category, or “at least a lack of predictability,” and that Polk said at a conference in early September that the company may shut down some of the businesses it hoped to sell if buyers aren’t found.


“Ideally I would like to sell these assets versus simply walking away from them,” Polk told investors at Barclay’s Global Consumer Staples Conference. “Some of them are the kinds of businesses that would be difficult to sell and therefore, we should just shut down because they create no value for you and they are a distraction for us.”"



Nothing really holds K2, Volkl, Marker, Madshus, and the other ski brands Jarden collected together.  The brand names could be sold with or without the design and manufacturing capabilities.

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