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Going up in flex

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I try to keep my aging Atomic M9's alive (I like them a lot), but start looking at a new pair of boots.  The M9's have been  updated with higher performance Atomic liners.


I consider myself an advanced/expert skier skiing all over the mountain, style more finesse than power (6ft1, 165lbs), and have never had the impression that the 90 flex of my Atomics was insufficient.


Wondering if I should look at higher (110/120) flex boots  or stay more around  90/100 (considering the Rossignol AlltrackAllSpeed models or Lange XT`s) ?

Higher flex boots seem to have better liners, but would they be too stiff (considering my weight/length/style) ?

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flex is a very personal thing and the old M9 whilst marked at 90 flex is possibly closer to stiffer models in other brands / more up tot date boot, i would work with your boot fitter to find the boot which fits your foot best then look at flex options, a stiffer boot can often be tuned down a bit, going up the way isn't so easy  in boots with a "broken spine" (hike mode)  we find often they are a little softer as they do not have the solid linkage of rivets or bolts as the "alpine" version might have 


now is the time toi get in to see the fitter, they will be getting busier but will be quieter than in December AND the biggest selection will be available and maybe even an old model or two from last year at a good price if it fits! 

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Thanks, useful input concerning hike mode and plastics.
BTW: my wife noticed evolution in plastics when she upgraded from her older XWave 90's to more recent CS 100 boots: plastic is a lot more sensitive to changes in temperature (otherwise said : feels boots are softer most of the time).
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As CEM said flex is personal and flex numbers from boot to boot are not comparable at all.  That said most 90s are softer than more 120s and 120 is probably more typical for someone your weight and ski level.  If too stiff they can always be softened, but I'll bet will perform better all-around.



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