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Help me find a new set of skis [Northeast, groomers, athletic, not a light skier]

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Simple title, just hoping for some opinions.

Where I ski - northeastern us. Local resorts, holiday Valley, pk n pk.

How I ski - stay out of the trees, not a jumper, just a weekend warrior if you will.

Ability - taught by friends, school of hard knocks (I'm really good at crash recovery! Lol)

Me - 5'8, 200 lbs. Like to think im on the athletic side. Athletic-ish. Yeah. That's it.

Current skis and settings.
ATOMIC BETA CARV 9.18 circa 01. 170 length.
Set at 0.5 base, 2.0 edge.
Xentric 310 bindings (that are post recall)
-love the way they start stop and turn. Very light under foot. Great on great conditions, if it's choppy these can be a chore, but manageable. Powder, forget it. Only time I feel like control is compromised is at "higher" speeds, let's say above 35 mph. (Using the trace app).

K2 APACHE XPLORER 180 circa 2010.
Base 0.5 side 2.0.
Bindings - something with a silly power piston.
- Heavy under foot. Great "float" thru the crud, but I find I really have to concentrate on my technique to work these things. I believe they're just too big for me (though sizing charts disagree, maybe it's the weight.). Edge hold is fair at best. I'm not terribly excited to ski with these, as they don't lend them selves to quickly turns and stops. (Could be my ability combined with the wrong ski tho...)

Overall I like how the atomic feel, but want a little more stability without a huge weight increase.

Your suggestion
New or used (I'll search for em, just give me ideas)
Budget - try to keep it reasonable. Under $500 with bindings? If I get 'new' skis, I'll be getting 'new'boots, as my current set has to be from the 90s. (And yes I'm aware those can hamper performance, etc).

It's not a hard 500. If you tell me there's gods gift to skis at 679, id have to look.
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I like the Fischer Progessor series as a hard snow/groomer ski. A year ago I bought a pair of new old stock Progessor 950's with bindingings off thhe internet for $500.



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Take a lesson with a good instructor and ask him / her for a suggestion. Skis and technique have come a long way in fifteen years.
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Thanks for the suggestions thus far.
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Blizzard Bramha 173
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For your skill I like upper end skis that are torsional ridged. Will hold your carve on ice in the east, be stable at high speed and have the energy to put a grin on your face. If you are going to run a .5 you might consider a 3 to go with it. I would stay with the Volkl, Blizzard, Fisher and Head line as all of these match the criteria as long as you buy the top of the line groomer. I am sure there are others that would work but at our weight these worked for me. I have been running the 1/3 tune but after a demo on .5/3 I really end joyed the aggressive tune. I ski mostly east and have a separate ski for junk and out West. 

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Lessons for sure. If you're concerned about cost, I can direct you to a screaming deal on 1 hour privates — a 1 hour isn't optimal, but it can really help.


I'm not entirely sure about asking for ski recs from instructors, though. There's a recent discussion somewhere here (I haven't been able to find it) suggesting that the average instructor isn't the best person to ask for ski recs. Demos help most, I think.

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You have the weight to ski a stiff performance ski, but maybe not the best choice for you based on ability. For the East, a two ski quiver is ideal (narrow 70mm carver and wider 100mm soft snow ski). I will assume you want one ski, however, so 88mm or something close to that (+/-) is the best option. Here are my suggestions to look at:


Blizzard Brahma   --   top rated ski, high performance and stiff, this maybe too much for you, length would be 180cm


Nordica Enforcer (93)  --    another top rated ski, but more forgiving and less stiff. Probably your best choice, but they are selling fast, length 180-185, they ski a little short due to rocker


K2 Pinnacle (95)   ---   aslo a highly rated ski, but very forgiving and even softer than the Nordica. These seem to appeal to the widest range of ability and style, again lenth 180-185 due to rocker


Check our Real Skiers website, pay th $19 for a membership and you will get lists of skis in numerous catagories. Pick the East all mountain, West all mountain, or Front side ski catagories in that order of priority. Any top rated skis on the list will be good. There are a lot of good skis so don't worry too much about it. 

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Get some lessons, get some boots, then see where your budget is at from there. You're better off spending most of your budget on boots and some training, and then even skiing on your current K2's, or a moderately cheap pair of used skis. 

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