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October 2016 Image of the Month Contest

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Hello All,


As winter is arriving so are the prizes; from October until the end of the season we will have monthly prizes for our winner(s). This month we have two prizes for our winner! First is a two nights stay at Vail's only botique hostel (they've got craft beer!) the Vail Bunkhouse thanks to @Townicus. The second prize for our winner is a copy of The Ski Journal signed by Nick McNutt; this years first edition details the founding of the legendary Teton Gravity Research media productions and more. Thanks to @Wibby for that. 


Vail Bunkhouse







  1. The image must be your own and taken during the month of October 2016. 
  2. Please submit one image per post; you can submit up to three images/posts per month. 
  3. Please put a brief description of the image (where, what, when, or any other interesting details). 
  4. Voters can vote for as many images as they like. 
  5. Images do not need to be SOTC (straight out of the camera), standard editing and even HDR shots are welcome and encouraged. However please do not submit composite shots** in the contest thread as the idea is the best image you can capture rather than the best picture that you can create in Photoshop. 


Also not a rule, but an explanation. Please vote for the images you like! At the bottom of the post there is a little thumbs up button, please click it! 


**composite shots meaning using two unrelated and completely different shots to make one image, ie putting the sky from one shot with the foreground of a shot from a different location. 

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awesome prizes!  - gonna be tough to win with my Iphone based on the incredible pics of late but I will give it a shot

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I'll start.  We're on vacation and this was taken a few days ago in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  It is a 240' waterfall in a desert canyon on Lower Calf Creek.  Great hike in and a nice, cool spray at the end.  More pics to come.


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This picture is not enlarged. Those wires were all there was between him and our car. Not a great picture but an interesting subject

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Cuyuna Lakes singletrack taken with phone.

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Ancient Puebloan structure in Natural Bridges National Monument.  If you've never been to the four corners area, this stuff is everywhere.  This one is unique in it's style of doors (rounded) and that the roof of the structure on the left (purportedly a kiva, but it's not round, so I wonder...) is mostly intact after 700 years.  None of this is reconstructed.

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A late bloomer.

Taken just below the Method Man Patch on October 1st. This is below Round Top near Carson Pass, CA.

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Larch trees near a beaver pond beginning to change color on Bombi Pass in southeastern British Columbia.


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Peak Foliage View from the top of Vermont's Burke Mountain:


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One more with a classic Vermont foliage reflection:

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Had to Jump off the bike for this one yesterday. 

At that time of day the sun reflecting off the leaves made it feel as if you were riding through a tunnel of gold...


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Coming down the Whiteface gondola on Oct. 7.


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Overlooking Hite, Utah


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Pumpkins, 40 acres of pumpkins.  Hey, it's October.


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Another shot on Bombi Pass in southeast British Columbia, Canada. The moon is rising in the east just as the sun drops below a ridge to the west in the early evening.



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Yesterday, off the South Upper Truckee river...

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Blue Lake, North Cascades, WA, Oct 10


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Mount Mansfield and fall foliage from Mills Riverside Park, Jericho VT.

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Somewhere in the desert.

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My home.  Fall in New England is spectacular.

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Just a week or two left of fall hiking, but then the snow starts :)

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Our dogs at Lake Tahoe, in a place that would be covered with water if Lake was full, on 10/15 with storm blowing in. Some snow in the cross on Mt Tallac.

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View from the top of Cheonwang peak, at Jirisan (tallest mountain in continental Korea. It's just 1,915 meters)

Hiked up yesterday, was really beautiful! 

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Since we're getting toward the end of the month and my dog is so cute...West Point Lighthouse, Seattle, Oct. 22

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Originally Posted by nlee View Post

Cuyuna Lakes singletrack taken with phone.


I just downloaded this and made it my desktop.  It's gorgeous!

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Got this nice shot of the path I took during a morning hike last weekend (while going up Jirisan in Korea). :D

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Fall colors in Laramie, Wyoming 10/27/16.

Tough to be pretty when all the leaves left for Nebraska. 


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A panoramic view across Jack's Lake looking up at Dunderberg Peak on October 29th.

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