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Cat Skiing - for resort skiers ?

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Trying to plan a trip for a friends birthday ....


He can ski powder but the rest of us cannot ...


Well, the rest of us struggle I should say ...


Any places offer something along these lines ....


Thanks so much 




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I would start by checking out Steamboat.  It's a great mountain for what it sounds like you guys are looking for.  And if you wanted to try snowcat skiing for a day, then check out Steamboatpowdercats.  It's a great experience, worth every penny, and almost anyone can ski the powder on a level one trip there while having a blast.

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What exactly are the "non-powder skiers" looking to find? Certainly not groomed runs? Face it, this will be off piste. Powder will certainly be the BEST thing you could encounter, because the alternative is breakable crust or deep slush or any number of things that, if not groomed, are even tougher to ski.
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Red Mountain has an in resort cat area. Your friend could go to that area and the rest of you could stay in the groomers.

Fly to Spokane Washington, and drive up to the mountain.
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Do you want to ski powder? And how good of a skier is he vs the rest of the group. Steamboat powder cats is a great ideas and you can buy a private cat (I think that's 8 seats) and you can have them take you where the whole gang can ski but if "he" is far above your abilities, then chances are he may be a little underwhelmed skiing beginner low angle powder runs. Personally, it's all good with me and if someone was kind enough to take me cat skiing, it would be more of the party and less important to ski challenging terrain.

feel free to pm me. I would suggest calling Kent at powder cats and discussing your options with him. I am sure he could arrange a fantastic day for you all.
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Thanks guys... I should have clarified....


We all want to improve our off piste abilities..  


The rest of us can ski most inbounds resort stuff and dabble off piste occasionally.  


I am just concerned if we go to somewhere steep & challenging it could be an issue for the less skilled in the bunch.


Would hate to get there and ruin a trip for my friend because we are stumbling around ... 


Most of the web sites for Cat Skiing say you should be "proficient" in powder/off piste and we are not ... 


BTW - part of the trip would be an adventure to somewhere off the grid a bit.. Like Revelstoke or somewhere ...


Maybe we should all do a Cat trip to Steamboat as suggested --- then go somewhere cool after ? 



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Places like Red or Powder Mt., where you ride a cat and then ski independently would probably be a good place to start.
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Steamboat powder cats actually offers a beginners powder level where they will take you to great terrain to learn on. They will also help you learn although it's not technically a lesson.
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There is a new cat skiing option in Utah called Whisper Ridge.  Just north of Powder Mountain.  Read about it on Ski Utah.  Whisper Ridge has 30,000 acres of private land for their operations.


If you went to SLC, then close to Alta/Snowbird and Snowbasin for other adventures.  I can highly recommend an instructor at Snowbasin if you and the friends who are just starting to ski off-piste are serious about improving.  Snowbasin lesson prices are pretty reasonable for 3-4 people doing a semi-private lesson.

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The local operation to Whitefish is Great Northern Powder Guides. It's the same range of mountains as the resort.
http://greatnorthernpowderguides.com. I've never done it because there plenty here to keep me challenged, plus the trails are empty.

Here's what they say about their terrain'

Great Northern Powder Guides creates a unique skiing experience for our clients by having access to both north and south facing slopes of usable terrain. With Great Northern Powder Guides, our guests have the opportunity to ski 10,000-12,000 Vertical feet per day or 14,000 vertical feet per day in our new “steep and deep” cat. Trees, burned over areas, cleared open areas, glades, pillows, rocks, chutes… you name it, we've got it.

Several thousand additional acres in our ever expanding terrain and an additional 1000-2000 more vertical.

Come enjoy our new “Steep & Deep Cat”. We offer our more experienced guests the opportunity to ski more vertical feet per day in our Steep & Deep Cat by serving lunch on the go to keep you skiing, having less people in the cat for quicker laps, and longer, steeper runs so you get more time shredding pow."
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Schweitzer has a cat skiing operation, Selkirk Powder, that starts at the top of the mountain, that is you take the Great Escape Quad from the base to the top and the cat skiing is on the back side of the resort. The cat takes you back to the top of the ridge after each run. At the end of the day you ski down the front side to the base.
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As FlyingFish has already pointed out, Big Red Cats at Red Mountain in Rossland, British Columbia, is resort-based, so some members of the group can go cat skiing while others ski the resort. Big Red also offers "intermediate" tours aimed at those who are less proficient in powder.


Big Red is also not too far from Whitewater. With the right weather conditions, this means you can go to Whitewater for some excellent, challenging powder before going out with Big Red for a day or two. A day at Whitewater can often tell you whether you're ready for some cat skiing. If you're not, then Red Mountain and Whitewater will provide plenty of entertainment.


Rossland is about 2.5 hours from Spokane, which has a reasonable airport.


Almost all cat skiing operations offer fat powder skis. You are strongly advised to use them. They make skiing powder much easier, particularly for those who find powder to be something of a struggle. And if you're already good at powder, fatties are huge fun!

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+ 1 on Big Red Cats at Red Mountain.


Another great place that is 'off the grid' but great skiing is Island Lake Lodge Catskiing in Fernie. Right by the ski resort - Fernie - and most people combine both a stay at the resort with catskiing. Fernie is also a great town. I haven't skied at Island Lake, but it comes highly highly recommended from a few friends of mine. And I think Fernie is amazing - amazing terrain. The resort itself will be a great way to work on offpiste skiing.



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Re: Red Mt cat skiing, there might be some confusion in some of the posts. Big Red Cats operates from the base area and the cat takes you over to their terrain, which consist of about 8 mountains in the vicinity.
Red Mt has it own in bounds cat skiing, meets at the top of Grey Mt for $10 rides to the top of Mt Kirkup and ski to the bottom of the Grey Mt chair. Similar to cat skiing rides at Powder Mt in UT.
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You already mentioned Revelstoke... they have cat skiing. Why not go there?

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Copper has free cat skiing! You just have to get there early, unless you are a fan of waiting for a couple of hours. It's on Tucker mountain, you just have to show up in Copper bowl in the morning. 

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Powder Mountain Lightning ridge cat skiing, 20 bucks per person for a ride to the top ( with the purchase of a powmow lift ticket) . worth every penny, nothing scary steep.  I did it last season with a group of 4 , one of the best days of the season by far

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Originally Posted by triplenet View Post


BTW - part of the trip would be an adventure to somewhere off the grid a bit.. Like Revelstoke or somewhere ...






Fly into Spokane, ski Red/Whitewater and then do a couple of days at a cat ops.


Originally Posted by freeski919 View Post

You already mentioned Revelstoke... they have cat skiing. Why not go there?


Revelstoke's cat permit area is adjacent to the resort and gets poached frequently.

If it's free or $10-20 a ride,  some tracks are to be expected.

If your paying $500/day, I want untracked.

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