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Fore/aft boot setup question

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Does anyone know what the average angle of maximum forward flexion in ankle RoM is (without the boot on)? I suspect that mine may be more limiting than others and is influencing a limit on the forward range of my CoM over the BoS (in a more durable manner) as well as total body vertical flexion. A cascading issue up the chain of geometry as knee and hip flexion are geometrically dependent on ankle flexion. I believe that I am tall may be exacerbating the geometry issue. Do I consider increasing my ramp angle of tilt? If so, how? Heel shims? However, if I can accomplish this outside/under my boot, it won't mess with my current forward lean, flex and fit which feels dialed. Right? What is the average range of accumulative ramp angle? What is too much and what is not enough?

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Hmm. some of the other more experienced fitters can correct me on this but let's see if my memory is still correct.


Ankle ROM is measured for boot fitting purposes by having someone sit what is called 90-90-90


While barefoot or in very thin socks, sit on a chair / platform so that you can put your lower legs (tib/fib) 90 degrees to the floor, your femurs are 90 degrees to your tib/fib or parallel to the floor and keep your back 90 degrees from your femurs (or 90 degrees from the floor)


Then without assistance keeping your heel on the ground, you lift your forefoot off the ground (using only leg/ankle muscles).


We then measure the angle of the bottom of your foot to the ground.


The above part I'm pretty sure of.


(there are some variations depending on situation or needs)


The part I'm really not too certain about is the normal range. I seem to recall that "normal" would be anything between 11-17 degrees of ankle flexion.


Less would be considered limited ROM, more would be considered hypermobile. How much would be a matter of degree. And methods of making adjustments would depend a lot on other physical attributes and even reason for hypermobility or limited mobility. Bone blockage might be handled different than tight achilles tendon.

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