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My 13yr old...

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He weighs about 100 lbs.   He has been on skis since he was 5.  He skis anything on the hill at Boyne….just curious what you would recommend for a ski for him?  He has been in the rental program since age 6 but now I have to buy him a pair.  He is 4' 10".  A very competent skier for 13.  Thoughts?

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depends on what he wants to ski most of the time: park, groomed, or moguls. Does he know how to make a sharp carved turn?  If not, have him take out a pair of carving skis and/or take a lesson.  after that, have him demo different brands of the type of skis for the terrain he skis the most.  if you can't get a wide selection of demo skis where you are at, I would take a vacation somewhere that you can demo them, it's that important to demo because skis vary so much and every individual who has been skiing for a while skis differently

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Even with the huge demo fleets in Alberta/BC, it's really hard to find junior skis to demo. I'm not even sure where I would do that. Our kids are 11 and 13, similar age, a bit taller and heavier than that. We've bought a lot of their skis over the years based on whatever is a really good deal. We've bought most of them online (because they are quite often cheaper), and then, when the kids out grow them, we resell them locally and can often get maybe 60-75% of the costs back - still much cheaper than an annual rental. Our kids are advanced (black) skiers here in all conditions. They are not super interested in the park, but like playing around and skiing backwards, so we generally get them twin tips. Like the poster above mentioned, what does 13 yo DS like to do? Many of the junior skis are twin tipped, so that is pretty easy to satisfy. If he prefers groomers, you may want to look at a narrower ski, if he's eager to try some new terrain, maybe some softer skis. He is pretty light it seems to me, so you may want to be careful of getting too stiff a ski. Our kids have made great progress on K2 skis - both the k2 Juvy and the k2 Shreditor Jr (comes in a 75 or 85 width). They've both loved those as their all mountain skis, and they are twin-tipped. Check out what they have available at Level Nine Sports - usually their prices for jr skis are great, Evo too in the Evo outlet. A bargain jr ski that is also pretty good is the line of Firefly skis - our kids have actually really enjoyed those. they're branded as Firefly, but they are made in Slovenia in the Elan factory, and they have some pretty decent twin tips, about 80 underfoot and can be used on a variety of terrain. Really great all-mountain jr skis for a pittance. We've often bought those at level nine for about $130-$150 with bindings. Those are great for an advancing intermediate skier. The Volkl Ledge jr is a great ski, but defintely stiffer, so he will have to be advanced enough to muscle those. This year, DS has a Volkl Mantra jr - but that is full rocker and not sure if it is necessary for Boyne. DD has the k2 Shreditor jr, which she loves. 

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Hey thanks a ton for the good info...I was looking for specific ski recommendations which you did. He is pretty good carving. He likes the park as well. He is pretty good on the hill as I have had him in and out of lessons since age 5. I may consider a couple pair for him if I get me cheap enough.
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If he likes the park - you may also want to look at Armada Coda and anything for jr skiers by Line. There's a couple of good ones on sale here -  but check elsewhere, you might be able to find cheaper. Our DD has taken the K2 Shreditor Jr into the park, and it's fine there too.

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Hi - Have 10 year and 13 year old boys. I'd say something you don't mind letting go of in a year, cuz he's on the edge of puberty, and will be too big for whatever you buy in a year. Meanwhile, I'd stick with something designed for youth, not small adults, in the 70's, reasonably flexible (e.g., wood and maybe carbon, maybe not), that comes up to his hairline and has at least a touch of early rise. Twins would be fine. Look in Fleabay at used skis, IME, you can find some great deals. Or better, a local shop, check out demos for sale. IME Rossi, Volkl, Fischer and Elan make excellent skis for lighter adolescents. Good luck.

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I'll second the Armada Jr Coda.  My son was on that ski for 2 years, in increasing sizes.  Great ski both in the park and for carving.  Excellent hold on ice as well.

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