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Snowboarding causes nothing but problems

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30 years later this is funny in so many ways

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I think some of those guys show up on Epic occasionally (the anti crew) even now. Only a lot grayer.
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LOL. When I read the thread title, but before clicking on it, I thought , " A problem 30 years ago when every boarder was a novice, but not now". I guess I am right. Others might disagree.

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It would be funny to edit the video and label it "Alta - 2016"


I always thought I started snowboarding in 1985. But after watching that video and doing a little research now I believe it wasn't until 1987. In just those 2 years, the equipment changed a lot, and the sport was being accepted at some resorts.

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lol. It's all I do. Snowboarding

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"Most of the snowboards don't have brakes".  Which ones do??  :D



I think it's time to haul my Snurfer out of retirement again.....

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I stopped by LL Bean last night and couldn't believe what they were selling!


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