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Head RS 120 vs 140

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Hi, I'm looking at the Head RS boot and am having trouble deciding between the 120 and 140. I will use this as a freeski boot and ski everywhere (moguls, steeps, park, some groomers, etc). I weigh 165 pounds and my previous boot was a Salomon falcon CS pro with a 110 flex. I had that boot when I weighed 150 pounds, and I felt it had the correct flex, although is a little soft now. 


Basically I think the 120  would be perfect flex for me, but I like the 140 because of the buckles, and the built in booster strap. I also think the liner is a bit better? How soft can I make the RS 140, and Is the cuff still bolted when you take it down to a 130, or is it totally free? 


Also are most guys around my size skiing a 120 or a 130 flex boot? 



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every skier, every body, every technique is different, so there is no answer as to what most guys are doing. most guys around your size are pushing off from the top, going left and right the whole way down and then stopping at the bottom before they ski into the parking lot :)


a boot can be easily softened. not so much going the other way. 


your salomon 110 has little or no carry over to the head 120 or 140. there is no international clearing house for boot flex. even if there was, the way any boot fits your lower leg and foot determines your view of which boot is stiffer and which boot is softer...


never remove cuff bolts for flex adjustment. another ski industry myth, like that silly little screw on the sides of the cuff imprinted with the word canting. that is not canting and those bolts on the back of the boot are not flex adjusters.



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so how would I soften the RS 140? Do I trim down the lower shell? 

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Removing the cuff screws will ruin them unless you can grind the ends off.  Best and easiest fiex is to purchase new ones from your local shop before you get started.



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ok thanks for the help. It's a bit tough because I want to order them but haven't actually got to try them on. I just want a boot that fits a little bit more snug than my falcons did and is not super upright. 


Do you guys know how big of a deal the buckles and liner difference is between the 140 and 120? Maybe these features aren't worth doing all that work on the boot


Thanks Again

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Look up the thread. You are in Calgary, Lou is in Calgary ....... maybe working with a boot fitter to get the right boot would be a good place to start so that you get the right boot for your foot, because ( and correct me if I am wrong) it looks like you were about to purchase ski boots on line rolleyes.gif
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