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Help with ski purchase!

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5'11" 230lbs
Level 8 (morning)
Level 7 (afternoon)

Current ski- 178 k2 shreditors (noodles)

I ski 80 percent vancouver island (wet, heavey snow)

20 percent whisler (still heavey Westcoast snow)

I don't like skiing groomers unless I have to. I mainly focus all my skiing Off-piste in bounds. So alot of my skiing is in skied out powder, crud, trees, steeps, bumps. I'm now working on drops....so far 3 to 5 foot drops. I'm not a charger on dbl blacks, I prefer to take my time. Although if I have to hit a groomer to acess lift I will charge on a blue run.

I'm looking for a new ski to purchase this season...my choices below are only cause I can only get a pro deal on these skis. I'm looking for a very forgiving ski and maybe something that some would call a cheater ski! Right now I'm leaning towards bent chetler for my one ski....but I'd like input on length and the other skis.

Soul 7 hd
Bent chetler
Atomic backland 109
K2 marksman

Thank you
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Now I'm not familiar with those models personally, but I've heard good things about the Bent chetler and the Soul, but why not add the Blizzard Cochise to your list as well? I'm shorter and lighter than you and I've had good fun with the Blizzard Bonafide at Whistler these past few years, so it stands to reason that something like the Blizzard Cochise in a 178 would be a nice fit for you. Its 108mm underfoot, so good float, but the two sheets of metal in the ski really help it piledrive through all the muck we get here on the West Coast.The thing I like about the Blizzards is that if you don't want to turn, you don't have to as long as your legs hold up! But they still turn quite well because of the tip and tail rocker. 



Where are you getting your pro deals through? CSIA? 

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I spend a lot of time at WB.


Simple answer - Nordica Patron.

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Flying fish

I get pro deal through a family member from there place of employment. I've never taken them up on it until now!
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Update on list

2017 bent chetlers
2017 atomic backland 102,109 or 117
2017 k2 marksman
2017 soul 7 hd
2017 super 7
2017 squad 7
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