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Are the FIS SL skis sold on the websites the real race skis ?

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Hi all,

I've tried to look up the answer on the internet, but I couldn't find it, so I'm hoping for an input from you guys.

I've seen quite a few websites nowdays who sell slalom FIS skis. My question is, are these really race stock models, or is it another marketing stunt? Some five years ago I bought from a racer some Atomic SL, which were really incredible, only that they were 158 and a bit too short for me. But the stability and agressiveness of the skis blew my mind, they couldn't even be compared with the "race" slalom models sold in the shops. I changed them a couple of years ago for some Head SL RD, bought from an online website, which were told to be the real slalom race ski from Head. However, I didn't get nearly as much joy from skiing them as i did from the Atomics. I felt they didn't initiate the turn as fast and don't hold the edge and give the security feeling that I had on the Atomics.

Now I see in many online shops that they sell slalom FIS skis, but I'm not sure if these are really the race stock skis or some "tougher" cheater SL skis. Does anyone have an answer to this dilema? smile.gif

Also, if these are all real race skis, do you have any recommendation as regards the manufacturer? I loved the Atomics and didn't feel much joy with the Heads. Any input is highly welcome.

Thanks a lot,

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Generally they are not the same stock as the teams will get. My daughter no longer races, but when she did the kids got them via the manufacturer. Sometimes a store had a deal to do the distribution and then the mounting, but sometimes they were shipped direct to her. Sort of depended on the coach and his pull.
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Race stock vs. Race room.

If you aren't a carded, national team or another high calibre skier you typically aren't getting race room skis. That being said something like the Head iSL RD would be considered a true race ski unlike their iSL which is their cheater type model.
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No. A more relevant question is, why is it important? I really doubt the difference - and joy - you mention are attributable to the level of "WC-ness" of the ski you bought from a racer (and unless he was pretty far up the food chain, that ski was not the hand tailored version the WC circuit racers get but just a generic one-size fits all factory race stock), but to brand and probably tune.


Put another way, go try a current Atomic WC SL from your local slopeside shop that caters to racers, cuz it's the brand you were loving, not the eliteness of the ski.

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Thanks a lot of the replies everyone, now I have the clear picture.

The reason why I asked this was that I didn't think that there are major differences between skis at this level, so I was pretty surprised and thought it was due to the difference between skis made available to racers (not necessarily high calibre ones smile.gif ) and the ones marketed as FIS in the stores. Then again, maybe the tuning also made a difference between the skis that I tried.

Unfortunately, we don't have shops in Romania that offer skis for test, not FIS skis anyway. Also, I didn't see any shops in my ski holidays in the Alps where they offer FIS skis for testing. So I kinda have to choose blindly, or based on internet reviews. That being said, some insights about other SL skis, apart from the Atomics and the Heads wold be really nice. I read some very good reviews for Nordica and Blizzard.
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