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Fun all mountain skis

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After skiing for quite a while now I have finally decided to buy some skis after having already bought ski boots. However I quickly became lost in all the different type of all mountain skis available. 

My skiing style is quite varied, from carving groomers and charging hard to goofing around trying to lunch off any single thing that remotely resembles a jump and some powder is a must so a ski with at least a 98 or above underfoot would be good I think. From what I have tried I know I like a ski to have playful character. I tried the Rossignol Sin7 and they have been the closes thing to perfect ski for me as I liked the lightness and the flexibility which meant that landings from jumps became smoother and they could also handle powder decently. However one thing that did annoy me is that chatter that came through when really charging as it had detrimental effect on my confidence. Also with all the skis that have a some form of metal laminate (like the bonafides) I fear I will not be heavy enough to flex them with me weighing around 65kg (143 pounds) while being 6 feet tall is that true or does it more depend on skill?

So any all mountain/freestyle skis that you guys could suggest would be great :)

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Because for the most part you liked the Sin 7, try to demo it's 2017 replacement, the SKY 7 HD. Same dimensions but a new construction that has addressed the chatter you didn't like. Check online for reviews, they are very positive about the improvements.  

I would think they would be readily available at most mountain shops.

Have fun!

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If you really want playful look at Icelantic Nomad. I demoed these and they are light, maneuverable and an absolute blast.
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Thanks for the replies guys, right now I am leaning towards the sky HD/Soul 7HD or the Icelantic Nomad after reading some reviews. The HD ahddition does seem to fix the speed chattering that used to be a problem. But the Icelantic Nomad also gets good reviews, cool graphics and a 3 year warranty is always nice . Right now it will probably depend on which one I can get cheaper. 

When it goes to bindings I am thinking about going with the Marker Griffon ID. I have had a huge problem with early releases on rental bindings, I hope that griffon will solve that problem (nothing better than finding yourself short of one ski when your bombing it downhill :p). 


Again thanks for the help :)

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