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Nuts? Light weight 14 yr old on Atomic Backland 85 or Backland UL 85 or K2 Wayback 88?

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I'm looking for a new powder ski for my light weight 14 year old, 95 pound, 5' 1" Colorado teen. He's a low level racer, skis the entire mountain, bump, trees, powder, etc. Aside from his race skis he is using a pair of Atomic Punx Jr III's in 150's. He would like a dedicated powder ski for Christmas. The rub is he seems to be right at he top of a Jr. ski, yet not quite into an adult ski. Through my online searches there are a couple adult ski I have found that might work. The Atomic Backland 85 come in 158 & 164, the Backland UL 85 in 163. The K2 in a 160. I would love to be able to get a couple years use out of them at least.


While these are listed as backcounty skis I'm thinking these might work well for him as a powder ski or am I pushing him into an adult ski too soon? Thoughts?

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I'd say that if he's asking for a powder ski, get him a powder ski. Something with tip and tail rocker, and a fatter waist. If you want the ski to grow with him, start looking longer and fatter. He's 95lbs now, so a sub 90 waist might get him okay float at the moment. But he's going to grow very quickly in the next couple years. A full grown adult powder ski is typically in the 110-120 waist range. Scale back a step and look at stuff around 100 underfoot. And something with twin tips, rather than a flat tail. As much as anything else, the skis are to fit in and be part of the in crowd. He's going to stick out a mile if he's tooling around on minimally rockered, flat tailed, sub-90 waisted skis on a pow day.
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Any suggestions considering his height and weight?

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Some options-


Icelantic Nomad 95 or 105 @ 161

Icelantic Pioneer 96 @ 166

RMU Apostle 98 @ 165

Rossi Smash 7 @ 160 or 170 (160 would be better for him now, 170 gives room to grow)

Rossi Sky 7 @ 164


This is just a quick and dirty list, most manufacturers out there have a small mens/large junior ski that will fit the bill. Something around 100 underfoot, tip and tail rocker, surfy and fun. I tend towards independent brands, but that's my own preference. You can find other major brands with skis that will fit the bill. 

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Thanks, I was just able to get back to take a look at your post. As a side note my son is skis 3 days a week, this puts him on skis between 50 and 60 days a year. I'm a bit worried that at his weight a 165 might be a bit long. However 2 years ago he was 4" shorter and probably 15 lbs lighter and I worried his current skis, Atomic Punx Jr III in a 150 would be too long. All the online charts said so, however his ski coaches said a 150 would be good, and they were all right. In fact they were perfect. Looking at it now all the charts put him in a 150, his current skis will remain his day to day skis, namely non-powder days. The new skis will be for powder days. I see what you mean about the skis I listed, probably not the best choice.


I'm assuming at his height and weight that I'll want a fairly easy flexing ski and short turn radius (most days spent in the trees). Looking at the ski you listed, there are a couple that interest me. 


The Icelantic Pioneer I like, but at 166 maybe I wold be pushing it. However there are some really good deals on this ski in last years graphics.

The Nomad 95 looks really good in a 161, but very pricey. The 95 looks to be new for this year, the 105 maybe a bit wide.

The Smash 7 is could be a winner. I can get this ski in last years graphics for $200! It's not list as an expert ski, more of an up and comer type skier but that my work to his advantage considering his size.

The Sky 7 $650 might be the perfect ski but hard to get past the price of the Smash 7.



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FWIW coaches these days are counseling juniors to back off from stiff skis and boots. After all, bending the ski is the name of the game. Your 14 year old will get a lot taller this year and next, but weight won't keep up. So personally, I'd go for a moderate flex women's model, perhaps a demo, or a long junior model (they can be found into the high 160's).
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I had similar problem. Ended up buying last season Rossi Sin 7 for my 13yr old.Basically the same ski as the Sky 7 and I got a great deal.

But the flex is something I worry about. Need to go and handflex them and compare to his old SFB shorty.
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A powder ski is supposed to be longer than the "average" ski. If you line up an expert skier's quiver, their powder boards will always be the longest, unless they're also racing speed events. A couple reasons for that. First, a powder ski has more rocker than other skis, so it behaves like a shorter ski. Second, a longer ski gives you better float, and better ability to balance effectively in the inevitable crud that powder becomes. 

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