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Magic Mountain Vermont - A Whole New Thing  

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DoWork is normally the guy that covers Magic but he's pretty busy these days so I thought I would give an update.


For those unaware, Magic has gone through some tumultuous times over the last few years.  A failed attempt to form a sort of Co-op, major changes in management, a failed attempt to buy out the owners, a horrible snow year and finally....

The Sale is Happening!  Several links below to a bunch of articles about the history and the recent sale news.  Although the sale has not closed yet, the buying group has set some pretty ingenious stipulations in the P&S contract that all but assures that the deal will close this year.







The buying group came to the table with money set aside for infrastructure improvements (snowmaking, chairlift maintenance & certifications, lodge upgrades) above and beyond the cost of purchasing the property and assets.  The great thing is, all of the investors (we think there are 13 of them) are all skiers and are doing this to keep the place alive.  Profits will be re-invested into the mountain for the foreseeable future. They have a 5-year plan that includes upgrading the beginner/learning terrain, a mid-mountain lift, and continued expansion of the snowmaking system.


Although they can't sell them until after the sale closes, the management team has posted season pass info on their website


Some pretty innovative ideas (couples pass, passes that only cover the holidays, and my favorite, military pass that is also good for the veteran's spouse) and incredible values.


The thing that makes Magic special is not just the awesome terrain, it is the people and the "community vibe" that inhabit the place.  One of the community events that brings people together are the volunteer days where people that love the mountain come together to clear brush, upgrade inside spaces, and clean up or create new glades all over the mountain.  The volunteer days this year are September 17, October 8, and October 22. If you want to come see what is so special about Magic make it to 1, 2, or all 3 volunteer days (meet on the lodge deck at 9am) and you will have instant friends, become part of the community and, best of all, find those incredible powder stashes that Magic is so well known for.  Bring decent hiking shoes and loppers or a hand saw if you want to go up the hill or just yourself if you'd rather work inside.  There will be rides if you don't want to hike.

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Actually, @Do Work has been posting about the news since mid-August.  But in General Skiing so perhaps harder to find.  Suggest you join the ongoing discussion over there.




Given that the other thread has been around for a while, going to lock this one.

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