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Which would you choose?

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No longer makes much sense for our family to own a minivan, so I'm looking to get rid of it and get a lightly used Outback.


A dealer that's near me has two that look interesting.


2013 Outback Premium with 30k miles

2014 Outback Premium with 45k miles


Asking price is same for both. Color is acceptable on either (blue and black).


Carfax for 2014 shows an accident in late 2015. Description appears that it was rear ended. Pictures on dealer site show no issues.


I'm leaning toward the 2013.


I believe there was almost no change from 2013 to 2014 in this car.


Any reason to choose the 2014 over the 2013?

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The 2013, provided it has not been in an accident (clean carfax is no guarantee).  Bring it to a good mechanic and have it checked carefully.

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I'd buy the six cylinder.. :-)
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The blue one, if my mechanic assured me it was ok and not still damaged in some way by an accident.

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2014 Updates from


a brief summary

Fuel Economy
new on 2.5i manual transmission EPA fuel economy rating now 22/29, up from 21/28 for 2013 manual transmission. No word on what changed though

new on 2.5i model -
new 17" Alloy Wheel/fog light package #21

new on Premium models,
all Premiums, both manual and CVT, now come with the All Weather Package standard
upgraded stereo: 4.3" LCD display, AM/FM/ HD radio, single CD, Sirius/XM satellite, 6 speakers, Bluetooth. The backup camera included with the optional moonroof pkg displays in this stereo
optional Navigation and Eyesight Packages are now available on Premium (you can't get both on the same car though),
Gone- you can't get the upgraded harman/kardon stereo on a Premium.

new on Limited models:
optional top of the line Special Appearance Package now includes Eyesight, in addition to keyless access/start, navigation/gps/Aha, saddle brown leather, turn signals in the outside mirrors, memory driver's seat, gray accented outside mirrors/front grill/alloy wheels, matte woodgrain dash trim, rear bumper cover


gone, dropped - Caramel Bronze, Graphite Gray, and Brilliant Brown which was only on 2013 Limited Special Appearance Package.
new Tungsten Metallic is a very pale champagne/beige color with silver gray undertones.
new Carbide Gray Metallic replaces, and is very similar to,  Graphite Gray.
new Special Appearance package now available in Deep Indigo, Carbide gray, and Satin White,

Random and idle observations
The 2014 Premium package gets really good upgrades with the standard all weather package and upgraded stereo. Eyesight is available on the Premium
Top of the line Special Appearance package is now complete since Eyesight has been added to it.

Maybe next year: perhaps these will be available on the redesigned 2015 model due next year:
rain sensing front wipers,
memory drivers seat on all Limiteds (not just Special Appearance Package),
the return of a normal manual parking/emergency brake,
and from the 2014 Forester it would be nice to have- power gate, dimming outside mirrors.

Things I don't want to see ever ever ever on an Outback: the 2014 Forester's low mode CVT transmission

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2013. Lower miles and no accident.

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With clean carfax

Heck people now sue just because the crash devalued the vehicle on a car fax report
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