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Dynamic Steering program??

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Have any of you been following a thread in Linkedin Ski Industry Professional group< (Dynamic Steering).  The author is Harlen O'Brien and it appears he has put together a clinic program around Dynamic Steering.  I don't have any details on his approach and wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of Harlen's program?  He is conducting two clinics in early December one is open and the other is invitation only to PSIA examiners. 

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Harlen O'brien is/was an advocate of waist steering, which is controversial in some skiing circles.  His endorsement of waist steering can be found here:  http://www.waiststeering.com/testimonials

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Thanks Sharp... I am always interested in different ideas, not that they are all good or not so good.  It's that some just come from a slightly different point of view but end up full circle to what many of us have explored before. I have been in contact with Harlen O'Brien and plan to attend his Dynamic Steering clinic to see what he is professing and see if his approach offers a different approach. 

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