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Thoughts on J Skis?

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Anyone any thoughts on J Skis, especially the Metal or MasterBlaster? Expert Cali skier looking for liveliness, fun, etc as all-mountain ski, but mostly non-powder, which I already have covered. Always a little nervous about indie ski companies, and unsure whether they get best manufacturing lines and materials. That said, I dig a lot about these.

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Jason Levinthal has been making skis for 20+ years. He started, and subsequently sold, Line. He then started J Skis to have the freedom to make and sell skis the way he saw fit, rather than being dictated by corporate interests. He has an amazing angle on the ski industry and what skiers want from products and I was actually blown away listening to an interview with him a few months ago. Long story short, J Skis are indie yes, but Jason is a legend who wouldn't put his name on a bad product.


The Metal has been getting rave reviews and looks like a great every-day West ski. Masterblaster is the same ski, only skinnier. Of course it all comes down to what you want from a ski design and your personal preference. These skis were designed to have a big sweet spot and be fairly easy/intuitive but also have solid stability and power. Above all though, FUN!

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They are using a ski manufacturing facility that has been turning out some indie skis for a while: Worth (RIP), and a small one in Quebec, Xalibu Pretty sure Karhu (RIP) was made in the factory before.


What is a bit unusual is such a small company putting metal into their skis.  I would trust Jason to get it right and if I am correct their is some good institutional knowledge of ski manufacturing.

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To revive this thread - anyone have experience with the Masterblaster? The Blister review compared it to the Nordica Enforcers (I am leaning towards purchasing an Enforcer 93), and the go into more detail with their Deep Dive reviews but I haven't yet signed up for that, so I am wondering if anyone here has some comparisons/thoughts on the Masterblaster and how it compares to the 185 Enforcer 93.



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I bought the Metal, have only skied it once so far - crappy season for powder - but really like it. Will post a review soon. Cannot speak to the Masterbkaster.
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